🛰 Not Muda Special: Is Sym the Best Shield Breaker?

Still can’t believe they nerf Junkrat’s projectile size due to complaints because he wasn’t a “skill set hero” in their eyes.

The heroes that can be on support roster is Zarya, Symmetra, Sombra, Mei and possibly 76, but the developers lack that hindsight and refuses to make a healer roster for healers.

The excuses to excuse the piss poor rework as some kind of upgrade from before are getting more trollish and more desperate.

Mccree doesn’t need to use Flashbang to get a kill, Dva doesn’t need to use rockets to get a kill, Hanzo doesn’t need storm arrows, junkrat doesn’t need to trap his kills, Soldier doesn’t need to use rockets either, the list goes on. Their abilities assist them but they are not necessary for killing offensively or defensively AND they can kill without scraping by on the skin of their teeth. Doomfist and Sombra use their abilities but they are infinitely shorter than Symmetra’s — and that’s not even going into how their weapons can kill/pack a punch too (Sombra has a gun that’s often criticized but she not only can melt 200 hp heroes but she has both a reliable escape AND a really fast ult charge rate.)

I have played and actually cared about Symmetra from the beginning, so I have played her longer and have more experience than someone who has to resort to strawman and ad hominem arguments to get their point across.

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None of them need the abilities particularly, but they make it easier. And a quick kill is generally what you’re looking for anyway. Sym doesn’t need her turrets to kill you either, but they’re very handy in dealing with things she can’t safely get close to like McCree or highly mobile targets like Genji or Doom. All heroes have an easy button, and Syms turrets are some of the better easy buttons, which warrants their vulnerability.

Listening to the voice used in that video gave me a stroke

Pretty funny how none of these comparisons consider the fact that symmettra excels at breaking shields because it costs her 0 ammo.

She never has to reload and in a close range shield fight, she’ll have full ammo capacity ready to attack the defenders after shields are broken. At the end of the video they think it’s funny to depict how sym dies quickly but other heroes shown here would’ve died just as quickly in a similar situation (stand still and shoot).

Sym might not be the best shield breaker but she applies constant high pressure to shields and isn’t a light threat. (Pun intended)

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Gonna just give up on this again.
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too many failures trying to get an answer

You’re putting too much faith on the wrong game. Accept that Overwatch is not what 2016 showed us.

It’s not just Sym the devs have given up hope on.
All I’m expecting from now on are some skins and cooler new heroes.
Not hoping much for the balance of the heroes already in the game and quite frankly if I was choosing how to balance this game, I wouldn’t know what to do either.

Too many players want too many different things, you can’t make everyone happy.

I just call that logic Cowardly

From a business standpoint; balancing the base game around players’ requests isn’t bringing in money. So it’s logic that they balance for OWL and not so much for us.

I’m disappointed too, but it’s far from a new game so I’ve made my peace with this. Every hero is somewhat enjoyable anyway and viable up until mid-ranks.

The majority of the playerbase is in these ranks and it’s understandable they won’t make drastic changes for heroes that are played still at these ranks and are doing well.

It’s cowardly to not speak with the playerbase and let the game die like this, but it’s logic business-wise, for the moment anyway.

Look I have talking about this so long, I know who I should be disappointed in.

Not Blizz.

Not Jeff

But Geoff

Honestly taking a breather

I’d blame people that are above Geoff and/or on his level because he’s clearly not the only one taking decisions here. I wouldn’t wanna be in his place right now.

Just saying if I had enough time to go over everything about this 3.0 rework, I would not approve it.

I would approve it with certain changes in value.
Faster ramp up on the gun, faster deployment on the TP and faster interact.

I’d also give Sym 250 HP being 100 HP and 150 shields.

Done, I’d see that as a great rework. There isn’t much more to do about Sym, she’s still fun to me and I wouldn’t give her drastictly new abilities.

Honestly I would prefer if they could bring those strong parts of her old kit back. While just rework Teleporter and Shadestep completely. But looks like we don’t have the time

These strong parts you speak of are probably shield gen (countering snipers) old teleporter (albeit not helping mid-fight) or her auto-lock… but appart from the shield gen, these caused more problems than anything else.

It was a 120 DPS auto-lock so of course it’s gonna cause frustration and get changed. I understand it’s unfair for those who were accustomed to this or for players who have difficulties aiming (be it medical or general) but it’s more fair.

Other weapons with such strenghts have huge drawbacks. Moira has a generous hitbox but deals 50 HPS only. Winston doesn’t need to aim just like old Sym but he deals 60 HPS (except when people group up, which is stupid) etc.

I don’t know Shadestep. Reaper’s Shadowstep (I believe is the one you’re talking about) is another problem entirely yes. It should be sped up or reworked.

Actually talking about the Summonable Barrier

Teleporter and Shadestep share the same problem

The placement is too predictable

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Sym is finally in a place where she’s playable, and actually pretty strong.

She has some aspects that make her clunky; that is, her teleporter could be played around with a bit more, in order to make it feel more dynamic/fluid, but in terms of numbers, etc, I’d argue she’s balanced and really fun to both play and have in your team…if there’s communication. (Yes, that little caveat, same as sombra)

Sym is almost completely useless in her current state.

Just bring back her shield-piercing alt-fire. It literally is all she needs.