🛰 Not Muda Special: Is Sym the Best Shield Breaker?

Short Answer… She isn’t… even though “they” said she was supposed to be.

edit: Gonna just give up on this again.
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too many failures trying to get an answer

Will still post Not Muda vids if any for Sym.


Sym is the best defensive character on the game…


Junkrat and Bastion are still the best picks for it. Symmetra only really gets on the radar if she’s hitting full charge and got all three sentries up. The only DPS heroes I wouldn’t take over Symmetra for barrier busting are Widow, Mei, Genji, Doomfist, and… well, no, just those four.


The turrets slow you down and destroy you 2 secs after. Bastion-Junkrat, Torb are not even close of what a good sym can do

The pros use her on attack more than defense lol

Guys don’t forget about the range factors too


Yep. Symmetra has laughable range on the primary, and her secondary isn’t very good for barrier busting


If you don’t consider viability, I think the best heroes for barrier breaking are Bastion, Reaper, and Torbjorn. If you do, the best hero is Hanzo.

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Last week it was the Bugs, this week it was the numbers.

Not Muda is on a roll proving devs wrong

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Symmetra isnt the best at anything.


Honestly it would be interesting to see how the supports all rank up like this. End the debate (at least until the next round of nerfs)

Only as a Taxi for Pro Bastions… that’s Literally it


I would actually rate McCree over Hanzo for most ranks, just because FtH gozzes out 330 damage every ~2 seconds, whereas Hanzo’s capped at 240 unless he pops Storm, in which case he gets 420 damage in just under two seconds. Obviously Hanzo’s got the longer range, but McCree’s falloff range is usually good enough unless you’re getting to the high ranks where it’s dangerous to be that close

I don’t regard McCree as viable. He’s picked, sure, but his winrate is awful.

Adding this to the “main” after dinner

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Funny that this person uses his whole kit for other heroes, including the ultimate on McCree but he doesn’t deploys the turrets around the shield…


because your turrets will always be spread out and wont always be on a shield.


sure but neither will you be shooting nonstop at a shield without having to move, not to mention how much of a bad idea it is to simply fire all you got to a shield, if he wants to prove that sym sucks at what he’s saying he has to consider the same variables for all heroes

I am amazed at times how dumb people’s logic is at times.

(I have Asperger’s)

Seriously had a conversation with a coworker how to prevent a wheel from Rolling on the belt.

Took them three minutes and they still got it wrong (and they are “normal”)


if my back of a napkin math is correct it should take a little over 7s to kill the rein shield with all 3 turrets so where ever that falls in with the test.

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