Not increasing in rank

Twice now ive gotten all 7 wins and just stayed the exact same rank. Its pissing me off because ill go through 7 games waiting up to 10 minutes for each because of queue times and then i just stay the same rank. Bronze 5 to bronze 5, gold 4 to gold 4, it just doesnt make sense and its extremely demotivating. Please fix this


Same, currently still stuck at sliver 2 after finishing 7 wins beside being POTG. I dont understand if thats what supposed to happen being stuck on the same rank.

Yeah same story here i got placed super low at the start of ranked placing bronze 4 despite my performance and after ranking up a bit i find myself stuck in silv 2, won most of my games till 7 wins my stats were great mostly over 30 elims many potgs even in a loss i had top dmg yet rank stays the same, as mentiond above its extremely frustrating and demotivating to continue trying so hard for nothing.