Not having fun solo, but don't want to quit. HALP

I’ve been playing OW since it came out, and it’s just lost all of it’s fun for me. I used to have a good time hopping on to QP and playing casually, but now-a-days, it feels like I’m either getting steamrolled, or rolling the other team, and that’s it. The matchmaking is so messed up.
Anyway, I was hoping to find some people to play with to maybe bring some of the fun back. I have a few friends I play with on occasion, but it’s so hard to link up with our differing work schedules, personal lives, etc…
Anybody who would like to play CASUALLY (I’m def not a comp player), please hit me up. I miss having fun with this game.

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You can add me on discord Aristogglez#7254, we have a fun group :slight_smile:

I’m down to play trying to make friends on ow add me Mashy#11167

what they said, you can add me too Sheeeeeeesh#1605 (7 e’s)

You guys can also add me on discord, we have a group running right now Aristogglez#7254 :slight_smile:

If you’re still looking, feel free to add! Bnet: Dalinar#11590

If you are still looking for friends, add me: Undercooked#11796

I had that same issues was super into overwatch when it first came out and with all it’s toxic people saying I’m not good , I’m a girl and should not play and all I’m trying to do is enjoy the game it just killed it for me. I just got a gaming PC recently I’m getting back into the game after 2 years of not playing, I’m trying to make friends and a decent squad. Now I’m not all that good but I do what I can. Feel free to add me and message me when u like to play. I have a mic and I am shy but I’ll open up eventually. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::relaxed:( Anyone may add me )

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Feel free to add me :heart: Bnet: MysticRose#11666 Discord: MysticRose9616 (anyone can add me I play on NA and im unranked in comp atm but I’m down to play.) Always looking for more friends to play with.