Not getting the Contenders Brig skin?


So I’ve been watching Contenders the past month, on the website with the green dot there. I’ve watched well over 30hrs probably and still haven’t gotten the Brigitte skin. I got the Echo one, but not Brig. I would be quite upset if I don’t get it, because I’m 100% sure I’ve watched way over 15hrs…

Anyone else with this issue?


I’m having the same issue, I’ve caught every NA and EU game this month, and half the Korea and Australia games as well. I’ve also tried troubleshooting the issue by making sure my YouTube account is connected, Overwatch League website is connected to my account, disabled ad blocker, etc.

So I’m wondering what’s going on.


For those still struggling to earn Brigitte, it is very important to work through key troubleshooting steps in my Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting thread including clearing your web cookies for, reset the permission for the “Overwatch League page” permission setting on, and unlink and relink your BattleNet account to your console account (if you are a console player). Do it now so you still have the hours to work with to watch at least 8 hours to ensure any rewards are not missed out.

I did the troubleshooting now, I hope this will fix it… I really don’t want to miss out on that Brig skin.
What happens if it still doesn’t work? Do I just miss out on it then?

At this late stage, I will start collecting information from all users missing Brigitte after the promotion window has ended.


Also also have watched for at least 30 hours and no brig skin in sight. Done the Troubleshooting already.

I did all the troubleshooting steps listed, watched the EU and NA Contenders matches for 4/28/2021, and the Australian matches for 4/29/2021, which was about 9 hours of viewing.

I’ve split my watching between my Chromebook and my desktop.

Desktop: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome Version 90.0.4430.93
Country of Residence: USA

Chromebook: Google Chrome OS Version 90.0.4430.86
Browser: Same
I’ve done the following since seeing your reply WymoingMyst:

  • deleted all cookies from Chrome
  • resetting permission for the Overwatch League page (deauthorizing and reauthorizing)
  • removing Adblock Plus from Chrome.

I also got the echo skin, but not the Brig skin. I had Contenders streams running on multiple PCs just to make sure I had enough hours in case a connection dropped. I even had reminders setup on my phone so that I would make sure streams were active and I was getting credit. I should have gotten it a few days ago and it hasn’t appeared yet. I already did the troubleshooting. Add me to your list of people with this issue please. I hope to hear from you soon.

EDIT - i would like to add a note that maybe you can pass up to whoever controls the scheduling and drops. "If you are going to have a requirement of 15 hours viewed of live streams to get skin drops, and the total scheduled time for April for the North American streams was 17 hours - how the hell does this make sense? I am not waking up at 5 am to watch a chinese stream - I had to make sure I paid attention to other region’s streams to get to 15 hours. 7hours/15hours is way too much and these issues keep happening with streams, not just contenders, but twitch drops had issues too, and this is the second or third time this has happened to people en masse for contenders drops. Either drop the time requirement to something like 4hours/8hours, or make the eligibility time longer. "

EDIT2 - I will watch the streams on May 3rd and 4th, hopefully those will count toward this. I will let you know if I get the Brig skin.

EDIT3 - The Soe spray is in my account now. I know how to watch streams, gimme my Brig skin plz.

EDIT4 - I thought it was just me, but I just confirmed something: some of the dates on the Contenders schedule were removed. I had a bunch of tabs open on one of my computers that I use to watch matches. As I was closing them, one was open to the Contenders schedule for Europe and showed a 4/30 match, today, for 1300-1700 local time. Well, I am currently in that time frame and guess what? - NO STREAM. This was not the first time I saw this date as I had put reminders in my phone. There were a few days that had previously scheduled matches but no stream so I know I definitely missed something as if the match was cancelled or not needed.

So back at the tab I still had open, I refreshed the page and the dates and times for Europe changed - the 4/30 match was gone. What the hell!!! How are we supposed to watch matches for loot when the dates change, or are removed, or matches cancelled or whatever???

EDIT5 - The NA match for 5/3 was supposed to start at 2300 my time. I log on and no match. I check the schedule and the time for 5/3 was moved to earlier in the evening to 1900 my time. Luckily I did catch some of the stream, but how was I supposed to know about the change? Stick to a set schedule. This contenders scheduling stuff needs to worked out.

EDIT6 - I watched streams on 5/3 and 5/4, I should have had the Brig skin by now, but I log in to OW this morning and no Brig skin.

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I’m having the same issue as many people here!
Already got the Echo skin pretty fast this month and have been watching Contenders on my Pc (tried out Youtube & Website). I did the troubleshooting several times without success.
Also started to track my watch time at some point and watched at least ~21hrs (can send a detailed list of date, time, and matches / used device if required). Still no Brig skin.

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Likewise here, I got Echo very early. I added the connection to my YouTube account to my Battle Net/Blizzard account. When I noticed that I was having issues with Chrome I reset my connection with the Overwatch League site and my account along with clearing the cookies and cache for Chrome. I have even switched to Firefox and Edge along with using all three browsers on my other devices including my phone. I also left two different browser tabs open on separate monitors with the volume on as well along with logging off and back in prior to viewing, along with disabling adblockers on Chrome and Firefox, with Edge not even having one installed. I have viewed pretty much every Contenders stream outside of one Korean stream this month, and I took some screenshots and I saw that the green light was always on and that I was logged in.

What puzzles me is that after switching to Firefox and Edge after the first OWL stream is that I had no issues with OWL tokens. I went from 81 to 251 this month and I have been primarily viewing on the OWL site so I know drops are working, on top of the fact that I have Echo’s skins. I also have the Soe OWL spray for good measure too, so it makes it even more puzzling that Brig’s skins have not dropped. I’ll plan on watching the next streams and try to figure out what issue that I’m having, but if I see that I have received OWL tokens from tomorrow morning’s OWL streams, then I will be unsure of whatis going on.

yea i knew i saw a date for 4/30 but there’s no streams ??

Because there usually isn’t Contenders matches on the same day as Overwatch League matches. I believe they got moved to May, and the promotion for the April skins was extended to early May as well.

Checking in again, OWL drops are working fine on the OWL site, but still no Brig skins on my account, despite tokens and Soe spray having been received. Clearly a Blizzard issue at this point.

Where did you see or hear they were moving it?

I believe it was posted on the Contenders Twitter page.

Can you provide a link to the tweet?

Why are they still using their own websites for this stuff, when it’s super broken and pulls the least viewership which is one of the reasons the scene is so dead right now? I was going to actually watch the contenders and get the skins, but considering how I’ve never received a single token or reward or anything from their spaghetti websites, miss me with the entire scene. Same goes for probably thousands of other players going through the same thing. They really need to give up this stuff and source it somewhere better, like they have done with the OWL stuff on Youtube, because it’s literally killing the scene and annoying the viewer-/playerbase out of this planet

Important Update everyone

If I understand everything correctly, the April Promotion period will still be extended through Tuesday, May 4th. Anyone still needing to catch up hours will be able to do so in the next six broadcasts.

Got the Brigitte Contenders skin tonight, thank you again for the assistance WyomingMyst!