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Hey everyone! for whatever reason, I am unable to create a thread in a respective forum for this concept, so I am posting this here. A few years ago, my friend and I formulated some ideas for some new heroes. Recently, I revisited our concepts and made a handful of changes to them. I thought it was worth getting these out into the world, whether they suck or not.

Mythica Overwatch Concept:

Mythica has 4 champions- Draconis, Galetrius, Amatheia, and Balkesh

Overall Background: Mythica is a completely and separate organization than Overwatch, Blackwatch, or Talon. It is located in an undisclosed location. It is dedicated to creating the next “Overwatch.” But instead of risking lives, they add human genes to animals to create their “champions.” They added human genes to a fish, bull, horse, and lizard to create mythical creatures such as a mermaid, dragon, minotaur, and centaur. The mermaid is named Amatheia, after the human who’s DNA created her. The mermaid’s donor’s name was Angela Dempsey. Next comes Balkesh the minotaur, named after Buck Petersen. Then comes Galetrius the centaur, named after Grant Walker. Finally, comes Draconis the dragon, who was named after David Geary. Because the DNA of these new champions is found partly in animals, but is also partly human DNA, they have the ability to think and talk as a sentient beings. The Mythica organization went through much trial and error before finally getting what they were after. A team of mythical and invincible creatures to protect the Earth where Overwatch had failed. But before they could go public, the creatures escaped by utilizing each of their unique abilities and powers. Another area in which Mythica could have been comparable to Overwatch. Each hybrid has supernatural abilities, enabling them to do good. However, they now roam free as half-heroes. They fight crime, but also cause mischief. But even through all of this, they all feel a connection between themselves since they all share the same trauma of the past.
Name: Draconis
Named After: David Geary
Type: Tank
Backstory: Draconis was raised from an Embryo in the Mythica facility. He was constantly poked and prodded at for being the only living dragon. But this only angered Draconis. Angry enough to escape the only home he ever knew. He shared his anger and his plan with the other hybrids. They all agreed with his motive and his method, so they hatched their plan to escape, executed the plan, and then, escaped. (Read the other heroes’s backstories to find out how they all escaped)
(Ability 1) Hail Mary- Spews a volley of fireballs, but can be charged up for one giant fireball
(Ability 2) Flame Dance- Draconis dashes forward in a spinning fire motion leaving a trail of fire behind him
(Ability 3) Tough Scales- Draconis positions his wings in front of him, creating a shield that deflects projectile damage, but he cannot move
(Weapon) Flamethrower- Sprays fire for a short time, but can overheat
(Passive) Winged Lizard- Can fly, but not for long and when timer is up or button is released, he glides downwards
Voice Line- Feel my wrath burn you to the ground!
Inferno Ring- Draconis stamps his two front legs on the ground and streaks of red shoot through the ground forward. Then the red streaks become small infernos that rise from the ground, burning enemies

Name: Galetrius
Named After: Grant Walker
Type: Damage
Backstory: Galetrius was the second hybrid created in the compound of Mythica. Even though Draconis was the first, Galetrius is the wisest. The centaur was put through many puzzles and tests against his will because of his knowledge. But the scientists expected results, and Galetrius became tired of all the mind games. So when Draconis approached Galetrius with his daring plan, the centaur agreed.
* * *
Galetrius used his extensive knowledge to easily guess the head scientist’s password to his computer, (it was “password”). The centaur was then able to procure the compound blueprints and he gave them to Amatheia.
(Ability 1) Light Barrier- Galetrius fires two arrows simultaneously into the ground and a vertical, rectangular barrier is cast from them that ricochets projectiles
(Ability 2) Arrow Trap- Galetrius launches a special arrow. If it hits an opponent, they get trapped in a net. If it hits the ground, it stays there until either an opponent steps on it and activates it, or until Galetrius recalls the arrow
(Ability 3) Multi-Arrow- Galetrius fires an arrow that can do great damage, or eventually break off into multiple tiny arrows that do less damage, but cover more surface area. The arrows do not bounce off surfaces
(Weapon) Longbow- Galetrius’s choice weapon. It fires normal arrows, but the closer the target, the more damage his bow will do. Galetrius uses his hands to create arrows from light.
(Passive) Momentum- When Galetrius runs without stopping, he eventually gets faster and gains speed
Voice Line- You cannot hide from the justice of my bow!
Homing Arrow- Galetrius fires an arrow that will automatically track down enemies, (invisible, faded, or behind shields). The arrow will aim for the head, but it will move at a medium pace and will eventually deactivate after a little, but will maneuver around shields. If it defeats an enemy, it will move the to the next target
Name: Amatheia
Named After: Angela Dempsey
Type: Support
Backstory: Amatheia is the mermaid hybrid created by Mythica. She is also amphibious, meaning she can breathe in water or land. Personally, she never had a problem with the scientists. They treated her with some respect and let her travel freely around the compound, but Amatheia knew that wasn’t the same for the other hybrids. So when Draconis approached her with his plan of escape, she agreed.
* * *
When Galetrius handed Amatheia the blueprints to the Mythica compound, she used them to find, and sneak into the weapons room. Then, she grabbed an explosive, and released the charge within her whirlpool ability, (Draconis had previously let her absorbs one of his fireballs). Then she used her Tele-pool ability to teleport back to her other puddle which was across the compound. She then gave the explosive she grabbed to Balkesh, along with the blueprints, just as the explosion went off.
(Ability 1) Fountain Healing- Amatheia stabs the ground with her trident and a small fountain of healing stays there until she places another one
(Ability 2) Tele-pool- Amatheia can place a small puddle of water of the ground. Next, she can place another puddle somewhere else. Then, she can stand on either puddle, and teleport to the other. Both puddles will stay until recalled and teammates can pass though. The puddle makes a loud noise when used to compensate for it being an improved version of Symmetra’s teleporter.
(Ability 3) Whirlpool- Amatheia uses her trident to create a very small whirlpool in the air that absorbs projectiles, then fires them back when used again
(Weapon) Tri-tip Spear- A trident that has long reach and has many magical properties
(Passive) Slipstream- Any teammates behind Amatheia, as she is moving, obtains a boost of speed
Voice Line- Hear my song!
Siren’s Song- Starts signing and teammates in her radius, (a narrow stream aiming forward, slowly expanding the farther out it is, like a funnel), get slowly healed, while enemies will get blinded
Name: Balkesh
Named After: Buck Petersen
Type: Damage
Backstory: Balkesh was, like all the other hybrids, born and raised the the Mythica compound. But while everyone marveled at the power or Draconis, the wisdom of Galetrius, and the beauty of Amatheia, Balkesh was neglected. In his anger, he trained to become a fierce warrior. So when Draconis approached Balkesh with his plan, the Minotaur was more than overjoyed to help.
* * *
Amatheia had just handed him the explosive and the map when the explosion went off. He snickered to himself as he ran down the hall to the spot marked on the map. When he got there, he dug a hole in the wall using his club and shoved the explosive into the crack. Then the other three hybrid heroes arrived. All the scientists had gone to see what happened in the weapons room, so the halls were unguarded. Draconis then lit the explosive in the wall with his fire breath and it exploded. When they left the wall, the siren went off and the compound was on high alert. It was night and difficult to see, another factor of the dragon’s brilliant plan. The team then used Balkesh’s heat vision to guide them through the night and avoiding the guard tower spotlights. After hours of stealthy movement, they were free.
(Ability 1) Spin Strike- Balkesh swings his club around his body, any who are hit get flung away
(Ability 2) Promethean Vision- Balkesh and his team are momentarily granted infravision which can help easily locate enemies, and it can work through walls
(Ability 3) Earthen Spike- Balkesh strikes the ground with his club and a single spike will come out of the ground to strike a nearby enemy
(Weapon) Bludgeon- A club with spikes on it that does massive damage, but has a slow swing
(Passive) Full Force- Every fourth consecutive hit of Balkesh’s club will result in him slamming his weapon down in front of him. If an enemy is caught in the blow, they are knocked back and momentarily knocked unconscious, (the effect is like Ana’s sleep dart)
Voice Line- Don’t mess with the bull!
Charging Bull- Balkesh’s horns grow twice their size and he runs forward, and he can change his direction to attack opponents

My Thoughts:
The thing I especially like about each of these heroes is that they mostly specialize in close range/melee, something that is sort of lacking in the current game. However, I would like to point out that I am not an Overwatch Expert and I am not sure if these additional heroes would unbalance the game or are straight up poorly formed. But if any Blizzard developers see this, feel free to make any changes necessary if this looks like something interesting to add to the game. But being a simple Overwatch fan, I don’t really expect these designs to actually make it into the game.

Thank you so much for looking at these Overwatch hero ideas! These ideas were slowly formed over 4 years and took a lot of research and work to find abilities and concepts that I felt worked well with the current game.

I would prefer not to use my real name, so I am going to use my username, and the same goes for my friend

Made by: FTF MegaDynamic
With help from: AlohaJaiden

Here are some Images to go along with the heroes: these are in no way my artwork, and credit goes to the original artists. Links to website I found them are included. If you want to view the websites, simply copy and paste the link into a search bar, and add an “h” to the start of the link, because I am unable to add links to my post


Image By:Mikulka
Website: ttps://


Image By: “Simon Eckert”
Website: ttps://


Image By: “Aqua Force”
Website: ttps://


Image by: Castle Age
Website: ttps://

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