Not able to speak in team voice (group vc works)

In around half of my games lately I am unable to speak in team voice. My group voice works fine every time but for some reason when I try to speak in team voice some games it will not show me speaking in the top left and members of my team cannot hear me. I get no error messages or anything. I can switch to group voice mid game and talk in there and switch back to team voice and I will still be unable to talk. I can hear everyone else on the team talking as well.

It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the input device the game is using since I have it set to the right microphone and it works in group. It also doesn’t seem to be an issue where I’m not in the team voice since I can hear everyone else talking. I’m not banned from team voice as far as I can tell seeing as it works for the other half of my games.

I’ve had this bug happen in the past and sometimes I would be able to fix it by leaving and rejoining team voice but that solution has not worked at all lately. The bug is also happening more often where before it would happen every once in a while but now it happens very often.

Would love to see this get resolved since it makes half of my games much harder and more frustrating because I can’t communicate with my team.

i remember something from one of the update videos for the defense matrix initiative that this was an intended function for accounts w an endorsement rating <1, but that obviously shouldnt apply to u w ur rating of 4…

i do kno theyve been having problems w the automated ban system since at least the midseason patch, this could b related? but idk…