Noob asking for help with shields

I’ve been trying to turn zen into a custom hero that can give up to 50 health in shields to an ally. My code works great except it can’t give shields to a hero that has some by default (ie.symmetra). As stated in title I’m a noob so any help is appreciated.

To give HP you have to use Add Health Pool To Player. To add shield HP to a random ally:

Add Health Pool To Player(Remove From Array(All Living Players(Team Of(Event Player)), Event Player), Shields, 50, True, False)

  • The first parameter is a random living ally (Removes Event Player to exclude you).
  • The second parameter is the health type: Health, Armor or Shields.
  • The third parameter is the HP quantity.
  • The fourth parameter is if it is recoverable (True to increase max Health or False to apply as overhealth)
  • The fifth parameter is if it reevaluates. I do not really know what it exactly does, so I to set it to false.

In OW2, due to the removal of armor and shield overhealth, if you set the fourth parameter to false, the shield HP will apply correctly, but it would appear as blank in the health bar.