Nontoxic comp 6 stack wanted

Hey I’m a dps main, I play pharah genji mcree reaper and practicing with heroes like Ashe and doomfist. I also play a decent rein, a really good Orissa and Ana and lucio
I have a friend who plays tank and support and some dps.
We are looking for a six stack to climb in competitive. We had a six stack a few years ago and it was the most fun I’ve had in overwatch, but they’ve stopped playing.
I’m mid plat in dps and gold in the other roles, I’ve almost made it to diamond a few times but always end up with toxic teammates or ones that are just bad, it can be really frustrating.
We’d really like to have some people to play with that we can get along with and work well together with. We’re not God players but we know what we are doing.
We want a group that can be open with each other, be able to take constructive criticism or hints and tips without getting angry. It’s okay to get frustrated at certain things (I complain about how broken doomfist is) just try not to get everyone down.
We often play on Sunday and almost always on Monday ( for the better part of the day) and we would probably be able to play more during the week as well.
I know this was long but I’m sure there are players out there looking for the same thing. If you play with us and decide it’s not for you, just let us know.

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Hey, I’m also looking for a six stack! I’m one win away from plat as a tank and a couple wins away from plat as dps! I fell as healer due to a string of bad games but I ended last season as plat in every role so I’m pretty competent in plat levels and even diamond levels. I main sigma and baptiste but I can also fill pretty much any role although im the least confident at dps. I’d love to play with you guys if you’d be down! :slight_smile: