Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


i would like to be a part of the discord im moira main


My discord is TheGreenHornit9#0022 if there’s room. I just started on PC but I’ve played on PS4 for a while.


If you could give me your Discord tag, I’ll add you right away.


ok thank you! my discord tag is: maxkwal#5329


My discord hakalanjouni#4262 add please :slight_smile:


@isenfer Shoot me an invite to Gunny#11780 interested in helping coach a few players in my off time.


If you could please double check that the tag you copied is exactly the same (down to capitals) as it is on Discord, then I will gladly add you. Currently it’s not working so I believe it must have an error somewhere.

That would be wonderful. I’ll send you an invite right away.
Your tag is also not working.

Please double-check.
Maybe my friends list is full?


I play support often in competitive. My SR is 1703 (Silver) looking for a team to play with.


If you could give me your Discord tag I can send you a friend request and give you the invite link, immediately.


My Discord is: Hydro#3146


Hey! I am a 2950+ player, I used to be in masters but decay ate me alive. I’d love to join! Add me please :slight_smile: : zeus2125#6316


I’m 3400 main/flex tank player. Would appreciate an invite!
Discord: kirschnerich#8842


Would love to join! Looking for a comp team to work my way up the ladder. Am a Gold main DPS.



Hello! I would love to join the community, I am currently silver but looking to climb! I had awful first placement matches, I currently play Main/Flex Tank, Some support.
Thank you for your time in advanced! Stuarf#7971


Oooh this looks interesting :revolving_hearts: I’ll give it a go

I’m a diamond support main with 1300+ hours in this game but I can flex to some tanks as well (orisa/zarya/dva/winston). I also enjoy playing a lot of dps (snipers mainly!!) :slight_smile: I prefer playing comp solo on my main comp account, but I have two fresh accounts that I want to practice with and rank on. Getting used to a team or set of people to play with in comp would be really refreshing and help me a lot with shot-calling and overall teamwork. I would like to try hitting masters (or higher) before 2020 haha
discord tag: wibblz#2222


Exactly my thoughts at such a well-written and kind reply.
I’ll send you a friend request immediately.

Forgive me for the outdated main post.
I have been very busy with the server and running an Esports team.