Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


Please send me an invite. Non-toxic sounds good to me.



Hello I am a Main/Off tank player, I finished last season at 1939 can’t seem to break into gold lol. Well this sounds fantastic to be honest and I’ve been wanting to join a group of like minded individuals.

Discord: Warmhug#5835


Discord: Siege#0141

Current SR: 2536

I can play 2-3 heroes in each position but I’m going to list my preferred hero per role. Preference is based on personal skill with the hero at this time.

Flex Tank: Dva/Zarya/Winston (Played Dva to 3560)
Flex Support: Moira/Zen
Flex DPS: Hanzo/McCree (Played Hanzo to 3100)


SR in season 9 or 10 (I don’t remember): 2.7k

I have to say I improved a lot since that season.

Discord: JuluNak#0222

I’m a very flex player who can play almost everything at a good level. I specialize on off-tanks, proyectile DPS and flex-supports

My main problem is that I’m shy when voice chat is in English, I’ve got a good English level but is embarassing for me to speak in English in my home where everyone speaks in Spanish.


I’d be interested in joining if your server is still active. I mostly play supports although I’ve been away from the game for a short time period. Looking to improve. Penguans #5008


Yes- the server is still active.
We’ve been very busy with improvements, and nobody has responded to this thread in a while so we’ve considered it dead.

Happy to invite you- I’ll get on it right away.

Remember to double check that you gave us your Discord tag, not your Battletag.


I’m interested to take a look at the server, I play support and interested to play more comp with a group.

Discord: Onubis#2079


One of our mods will add you right away.


Same for me? Used to be plat, highest diamond (once) now hovering mid gold low plat. Support main mostly, but can tank and dps if need be.
Any assistance appreciated


Slight problem, your Discord tag apparently does not exist. Please be sure you spelled it exactly correct.


Lower case j? 20 char


Thank you.
It is in fact case-sensitive.


This sounds like an awesome idea and I would love to join. Im a silver main/off tank that used to be a gold dva one trick. My Discord is MrMuffins#9261.


Hello I am a bronze/ low silver comp player I am looking for people to just play the game with time to time my discord is Orange#8753


Hey, I’m interested in joining too! Just returned to Overwatch after long break (played in seasons 1-6) I was in high plat-low diamond back then.
Discord: Wastel#9999


Gotcha! I’ll send you a friend request real shortly.


Id love to join. I mostly play for fun, but that doesnt mean i dont want to win or get better, just that i want teammates that can see their own faults and react upon them. Im very interested in joining, add me when you can, Discord tag: Singular Swords#3219 (i can play one hero from every role)


Defalt#2317 add me on discord


Your Discord tag isn’t working when I copy and paste it.
Could you please double-check for me that it’s spelled exactly correctly?


Try this one Null#2317