Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


GM tank main would love an inv


Discord is Starbursts#5993


I’d love to be added, Discord is The_Currylord#5028


Sounds cool! I’m 2950 SR right now and primarily play Rein, although I can play Zarya and Ana well. Been hoping to find a group of people to play with since my previous group all left OW for other games. I’m also a twitch streamer, albeit not a popular one but I do stream occasionally. My discord is Vanetooth#4203


Would love to join! Am a gold player, always hovering around 2300-2400. I would love to improve! Mainly Mercy/Moira but I’m trying to practice other supports so I can gain strength. Discord is violetaz :white_flower:#0690


See the issue here is- when I try to paste your Discord tag.
It says violetaz:white_flower:#0690 which is invalid.


sure why not I play mostly main support mostly mercy and moria

my discord is zain#5140

and I’m currently 2508


Hey, I’m interested in joining. Mid plat dps player. Discord is Huck(Aqua)#0745


Hey there.

Diamond on console player, with lots of PC experience. Havent done placements yet. I believe I’ll be in the high gold/plat area.

Mostly a D.Va, Orisa, Zen, Brig, player. No real interest in DPS.

I’m very interested in doing my placements and meeting new people to play with. Always in comms, always pretty positive minded.

Discord: superb#1244


I’m a support main looking for a group/team to climb to plat on comp with (my sr is low, around 1429)
My discord is : MADPiltie #9558


I would like to join currently a silver flex tank but would like to play with coordinated people as I think I can do well at higher ranks. Discord is Jasonrc2#5142


I’m a support main (mostly lucio). I like winning, but I value positivity and sportsmanship much more. I’m bouncing around mid plat at the moment.
Discord is jamesraylee#8429


I would love to join if you want to contact me my discord is Erioto#4878


2500 SR support main, I’d like to join. I can play Moira, Mercy, Zen, and Ana.
My user id for discord is schnappi#3119


2451 Main/Primary DPS, I would be mildly interested in joining, I main Mccree and Genji though I can play most of the DPS. My Discord ID is Necrovi#0306


The Discord is host to over 55 members and I am very busy…
I show that I am here by liking the comments of those who comment.

You are certainly lower than most of our members but you should be okay.

We also offer coaching services if you record your gameplay.
I’ll send you an invite as soon as I can.


Your discord isn’t working.
Please double check it for me.


I would be interested - I sandbag in Plat, so my g/f wouldn’t quit. I play w/Masters and GM from streams in organized 6-stack QP matches and other servers. I also top rank in other shooters, such as: Battlefield 3&4, Battlefield: Bad Company 1&2, Call of Duty (Series), Gears of War 4 and series (Diamond; Top 500 Equiv. in Overwatch), etc.


You uh- you didn’t inform me of your Discord Tag.

We have members at most ranks, excluding Silver and Bronze.
And if you have multiple accounts we can give you multiple, but I uh- can’t add you without it…


You can always send a link and requesting a Discord tag wasn’t in the description.

Discord: Ryusenshi#1881