Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


Not working.
Are there any capitals that are different, or anything of the sort?

I need your DISCORD Tag, by the way- make sure you’re referring to that one.


Ultron#3357 I believe





Please add me too. Also, interestingly I keep seem the same group of people now and then. Sushie seems to have grown a lot.

Discord tag: Crow#7019


Hi! not ranked currently but want to get into the game competitively around people I know and not randoms all the time. Was gold last season. Looking for a fun community. Link me if you’d want me to join. Thanks


Going to add you momentarily.

Always accepting of new members, the more players we have, the more opportunities to form teams for scrimmages, pick-up-games, and general 6-stacking.

If you could link me your Discord Tag, Slum, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Hey I am a High Gold // Low Plat player currently. I mostly play dps or rein. I am currently at 2200 sr, but my season high is 2510 and hoping to get back into plat. I havent had anyone to play with so I have been solo queing and havent had the best teams, so i wanna find some good players to play and win with.


Sounds great-

Main Tanks are always a priority! Although don’t feel compelled to play that just because you’ve been forced to in the past- you’re free to play what you like!~

Reply back to me with your Discord tag and I’ll add you right away.


peggy#6736 is my discord.

3300 Main tank, but also have lots of experience on off-tank

I’m just looking to get better


*Edit- Ohno. Your tag isn't working. Are you sure you spelled/capitalized everything correctly?


Not only are you a Main Tank, you’re Diamond- (the majority of our playerbase is Plat & Diamond)- AND you support the best team in the league. (#Biased)

I shall add you, right away!


Hey! I’d love to join if possible! Was sitting at 2515 SR last season, in the process of doing my placements and I’m generally a McCree/DPS main :slight_smile: but can flex if needed. Discord tag is: Leegit#9509



Hi, I was hoping to find a group of people welcoming younger players. It has gotten to the point where I am afraid to use VC, as I have seen other children get death threats in comp games. If your Discord is more for a mature audience, I completely understand why you wouldn’t want a child in it. I am in mid gold as a support main who primarily plays Moira and zen. My discord tag is BoopyDoopy#6897. I would like to say I wasn’t toxic like some other kids my age, but who knows? Maybe I am and just don’t know it. Thanks for understanding!


3567 DPS Main. I’m mainly just looking to get better. Was 3660 last season. :slight_smile:
Aldgia#6471 is my discord


Your tag did not work.

Please double check that it contains no errors whatsoever.

You are more than welcome.


Hello! I’m a support main, but I also can do Winston and Zarya and trying to learn how to play hitscan.
I mainly play Zen, Mercy, Moira. But I know to play any.
My SR dropped a lot, and it’s at 24+ SR
My Discord is ϚϦοςӧԼձϮϵ :chocolate_bar:#2338


are console players allowed in it?
my discord is OffSync #0888


I’d like to say yes- but at the same time, the group is based on PC- as this is posted in the Looking For Group - PC, section.

You realize when I copy-paste that, it says ϚϦοςӧԼձϮϵ :chocolate_bar:#2338 right? It doesn’t work.


Hey I used to play pretty active at release and just recently got back into the game (bout two weeks ago) and am looking for some serious/tilt-free groups to get in with. I usually place high Gold (low Plat) as a Flex DPS but I know I can work into a higher rank. This season has been rough with lots of bad matches (throwers/leavers) stole about 300 sr.

A solid community with a lot of active players would be great! - Epifire#9773


I’ve played a whole lot of quickplay since picking up the game, but barely touched competitive. I love playing support, and I’m interested in teaming with a coordinated group to practice with the new (to me) characters and possibly learning other roles.

I haven’t played regularly with anyone since my friends moved to other games, so it’d be fun to have more experience and insights with familiar faces.




recently I switched from console (ps4) to pc, so i haven’t played much comp (i’m currently unranked :slight_smile: ) , though back on the console i was plat. I really enjoy playing tank and support! (mainly, ana and mercy!) I think i’d really enjoy being able to be part of something thats non toxic and have a lot of fun as well!

so yeah, if you’d like to add me on discord, my user is : 𝐍 𝐢 𝐜 𝐤 𝐲#6699