Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


Sup, feel like should join u guys. Dont usually see good dps out there. Ana and rein main, just hit 3000. Can u send me invite? I dont know my discord tag. tx


I’d be keen to try your server if you still have room :blush: I’m silver and really hoping to climb up but solo queue is getting me down :confused: I main Lucio/Moira and my discord is Musichetta#4754


I am definitely interested in joining the Server. I have been playing Overwatch since Beta the highest I have ever been is gold. Currently in Silver but solo queues are starting to kill me. Also interested in coaching if needed. I have 2-3 heroes in each role that I have a great amount of experience in. Tank : Rein, Roadhog, Wrecking Ball Damage: Widowmaker, Reaper, Junkrat and a lot of others Support, Mercy, Lucio Battletag: BigT#1946


Well unfortunately, I can’t actually send you a friend request and then a server-invite until I know your Discord tag, as my Battletag friends list is completely and utterly full.

Edit: Neither of your tags seem to work. Please ensure you typed out your DISCORD tag, not your B.Tag- as my Battlenet friends list is full and I cannot add anyone there.

You two (also) sound lovely.
We recently just got our first Bronze player, and you two are more than welcome.
Thank you for including your tags, I’ll send you both an invite away.

Moto, get back to me when you know it.


My apologies my discord tag is Blaze#2642


Got my tag MotoPsycho#7484


Im down to join. I main support and my SR is 2095 right now. I am a bit exhausted of finding a hit or miss group who can or cant work together. Need a semi-permanent group to get better or climb with.
FinalCrayon #5054


You are currently set as to not accept friend requests from strangers.


who is this directed to? lol


totally my fault. try again :slight_smile:


I would like to join. I’m fairly new to overwatch and have played on Several teams in a lot of games. I just came back to pc, but grew up playing competitive Quake 2 and 3. I’m 37 and just want some people to play overwatch with and have fun and win or lose some games. My discord is bodyrotx#7908


Btw I play tank, or support. I’m an accurate player so I can do dps too, but lately I’ve been tanking because no one ever wants to play it. I enjoy whatever is needed.


Hay there me and a friend are interested in joining your discord if you’re still taking new members. I’m Jorf#8822 and he’s cpn#0153 on discord. I’m an ana/mercy and he mostly tanks.

Thanks <3 <3 :wink:


Discord: Alizza#4435
I’m interested uWu


Would love to have you, unfortunately, your Discord tag is apparently invalid.
Please check again for any errors in capitalization or spelling.

Why must you hurt me in this way…

Got both of you. <3


It was the caps do it just like this: BoDYRoTx#7908


Plat Orisa/Winston/Brig and Zen player - Greyshadow#1174


Not working.
Please check and get back to me.



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