Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


my discord is FocuDengel#2806, currently plat dps main and Id be more than happy to join you guys :slight_smile: add me on discord and send me a message there if you want me in ^^


I’d love to!~ See you shortly.


Bnet is DwarcaNation#1982 I am a harstuck high plat player


Unfortunately, my BattleNet friends list is completely full.

If you can link me your Discord, I’d be happy to invite you though.


{AV} YourLocalDrugDealer#6062


Merry Christmas! I’m looking for a group since my last community disintegrated into nothing. so i’m on the hunt again for a new group. my Discord is SurfNinjaSD
#5809 and my Battlenet is Surfninja#11151 Healer,Dps,Tank Stuck just below gold 1960


Sounds lovely! Merry Christmas to you as-well, good sir/ma’am.

I’ll add you straight away.

Interesting name…
Not much info provided, but I’m sure you’re lovely.

I’ll just be a mo’


Hello, can I join please? I’d very much appreciate it. I just wanted to ask first - i’m from the UK so would that mean I’d be unable to join?

I’m level 294 (at time of writing) and I’ve only just entered competitive. I’ve completed about 5 matches so far but honestly the competitive scene just seems so toxic right now that I can’t even complete the rest of the matches. One of them we couldn’t even win because there was a 3 stack AFK on our team.

I think i’d best fit as a flex support. I play lots of mystery heroes so I’d consider myself to be decent with most of the heroes on the game, but I definitely think my strengths lie in healing and tanking because I’ve just naturally picked them both up from everyone else picking DPS all the time. Moira is definitely the character I’d consider to be my main.


That’d be perfectly fine, however, being as you are from the U.K. -there are a couple different disclaimers I need to make here.

Your time zones are ahead of hours, by multiple hours.
This means that there will be times when you want to play, and some of us won’t be there.

You are not restricted, whatsoever, in joining this Discord.
You can be in multiple servers at a time, as I’m sure you’re aware- but should you want to leave, you may do so.

This invite is only usable by one person, make sure it’s you.


Hey, I’d like to join the server. I haven’t set my mind into any specific heroes since I started playing 2 weeks ago, but I’m in gold and want to improve and find new friendos. Oh, and I live in Denmark which is located in EU.

General Zimmer#5018 <— You know what to do with that. :3


I’m interested in your discord.

Restarted playing OW and looking for some people to play with.

I play support (Ana, Moira) and occasional tank/dps. Rank is around 3000



I’m sorry but my friends list for Battleltags has been full for a long, long time.
If you could instead reply with your Discord tag, I could invite you that way.


Discord: notrybot#5303


Hey! This sounds like the perfect place for me. I’ve been looking for a discord server to meet people who play Overwatch. I am a high-gold/low-plat ranked, mid-plat skill player with a mid-plat alt account and I have a friend around 2900 who also is looking to join a server like this. I am a DPS/Tank main (McCree, Soldier, Hanzo, Ashe, Zarya, Roadhog mostly). He is also DPS/Tank main (All tanks, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Genji, McCree).

Here is my discord tag: S̮̬͔͎a̼̯̺t͙̦a͎͕n͇#3650 (yes, zalgo included)

Here is my friend’s discord: scoutings#9491

Please make sure to tell him I sent you and what you are inviting him to, in case he forgets. If my discord tag doesn’t work tell me yours so I can message you, sometimes the zalgo is a little messy. Looking forward to meeting y’all!


Link has been sent.
Your friend is also welcome to join.

I look forward to seeing you in-game.


heya! im a 3300 dva + mercy main, was wondering if i could join as well!! its nice to finally see a server thats non toxic. my discord is Haven#1044!


That’d be more than welcome!

I pride myself on the community we’re slowly building up.
Toxicity is something I think many of us encounter, and it’s never been too fun to play the game in unreliable solo-queue.

So I built this Discord off of the values of being kind and respectful to one another, as well as providing a sort of safe-haven for getting friends to queue with.

You are more than welcome, and should have a friend request in Discord within 5 minutes.


I would definitely be interested I only started playing 2 weeks ago, I’m currently silver. I’m still trying to find my “main role” , but I am looking to learn as much as I can and climb. I plan on being very active in this game. My bnet is iiicarus#1223 and my discord is iiicarus#7629 if you are interested. Thanks


Gold/Plat Ana main
Discord: Draco#4957


Plat/Mercy main
Discord: Mdrake#3862