Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


hello i would like to join can you add me on discord IDKColton#4736


Hi, I’m a 1000 healer, main Moira/Lucio, I play other healers too as well as Dva/Orisa. My discord tag is LIZAOHLIZA#8199

May I join your discord?


I’d be happy to send you an invite, but you’re basically our only Bronze player.
So it might be hard for you to get a group unless you play with our silver or gold players, which we do have a couple of.

Are you still interested?


Yes, please. Even just making some new friends is good to me. :grin:


I love your positivity! I’ll get right on it! :heart:


I’ve been wanting to join a regular group for ages, if you’re still looking.

I can flex most roles. Best with melee heroes, like Baguette or Rain, but happy to fit where needed.

Mid Gold.

Goofy sense of humour. Always feel people perform better if they are having fun.

Feel free to add. Djinn#21885


Ooh! Another melee specialist! I like it.
If I wasn’t still recruiting then there’d be a PSA on the thread, :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m always happy to invite more people to our lil’ corner of the community.

This, did not work for me…
Is this your Battletag instead of your Discord tag? (My friends list on Blizzard app is full).



I mostly main supports (mercy, anna, moira) but i also main symmetra,sombra if needed be, i am currently in high silver, the highest ive reached is high plat but stopped ever since college started.

would love to join you guys since im really shy speaking over mics


Err- there seems, to be an issue.

Is Nirvanna#11384 your Discord tag or Battletag? My Battletag friends list is full…
Would you mind telling me your Discord tag?


I’m definitely interested. :smiley:


If I could just have your Discord tag (not your battletag), I can send you an invite straight away.


Sweet! It’s @LuckyTreize#6125 :slight_smile:


So sorry for the very late reply, that is my battle tag, this is my discord
Skinny Legend#3439


I am a 3700 off-tank/ support main and would love to join. MashiroOW#5302


Hey! I would like to join. I have 2 accounts and one is gold and the other is silver, so how would that work?

Also my discord is:

Chri-HOLIDAY Poke#3560


I can mark you as both, but Gold is a higher rank that silver in how it’s set up. So, you’ll show up as Gold unless someone clicks on you.

I’ll add you straight away.
Could always use more low-elo players.


Hello! I’d love to join if possible. I have two accounts in different ranks; one plat (Tanks), the other very low gold (DPS + support) and main Soldier, McCree, Zen, and Rein. I’m still working on communicating with people on this game and would love more opportunities to do that :metal:

My discord is MeatMarinade#3796


Sounds lovely.
I’ll send you an invite when I can.


I’d like to join! Gunbanshee#8577 is my discord


Ah np. :slight_smile: Dis is Djinn#8594