Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


My discord is Jimmy#3295

I played back when the game launched but everyone I knew switched over to HoTS so I swapped to that. As of late, I’ve been missing the game so I returned to it and a lot has changed. I really enjoy the team atmosphere and in all honesty, I’m open to whatever the team needs me to play I will do my best to learn. I’ve always wanted to play this game in an organized environment. I have no clue what my rank is I think when I last play I was silver or gold. I’m all for learning and scrimming consistently with likeminded people if given the chance


Sounds amazing, love to have more people who are open for scrims.

I’ll add you right away.
Don’t worry about your rank, we have other people in silver and gold.

There should be a poll still open in the text channel of “Server-Discussion”, please answer that.


I am silver that goes back and forth with silver and gold. My boyfriend is gold and our RL is silver. I am main heals and they are main tanks. Definitely would like to play with consistent people.


Do you guys do any pug/scrims?
I can flex tank, but I’m primarily MT/OH (Reinhardt/Winston x Lucio/Zenyatta) player in a serious environment.
Interested regardless, though my internet is pretty shot.
bnet: RavageDionne#1430 /ParkwayDrive##11269
discord: RavageDionne#9138
I sit around mid to low plat.



EX Main Rein. Actual Main Ana, sometimes Mercy. Flexing dps with Bastion/Junkrat.

Rank: Gold
bnet: Bustamove #2485
discord: Bustamove #6322


Currently doing a poll within the server to change the formatting of it.

After that is fixed (by 7pm EST), I plan on beginning scrimms within the Discord as we have enough players to do so.

Yes, PuGs will probably be a common occupance.


I’d be happy to join you guys. I am a support, 2480, and play Moira and Mercy to a high level and Lucio and Ana to a lower level but I’m looking to improve on them both.

Hit me up at noodlez#1507 (Discord) and chushki#2117 (Battletag) if you’re still looking for people.


I’m a Gold player who jumps around between 2000 and 2500 SR. I think I could break into Plat with a decent team. I can’t play hitscan because part of my hand is disabled, so I focus on Rein/Moira/Junkrat.

Arkham#11319 on Bnet. I also have Discord. Let me know if you can fit me in! :smiley:


That’s perfectly fine! We could use some more gold players to help out the others.

Unfortunately, my friends list is full.
Could you reply with your Discord tag?


I’d like to give this a go, I’m in low diamond and flex, am best at dps and off tank, but sufficient at main tank and support. Discord is CoobyDoo#2864


Awesome! My Discord is LostInArkham#4190.


Hey, this low gold would love to join the server :wink:


That’d be wonderful.

If you could give me your Discordtag (preferably), or your Battletag (if you don’t have your Discord on-hand, or haven’t made one)- then I can go ahead and send you the server link.


I’d love to join, i’m an 3900+ ana/lucio main but i have alts where i’m about 3400 on dps. uwu#3465 is my discord


I’d love to join. I am a mid-high gold player on xbox and am getting pc very soon, within a week most likely. I need a good group of players for when I start, with alot of experience. Thanks in advance. Keegandawg


I mean, you’re extremely high for most of us- but, we’d love to you have you here!

I’ll add you right away.

I’ll send you a Discord invite for when you can.



Definitely interested! Add me.

dc: chapter ended#0768


This sounds amazing, I would love an invite and be a part of this community. I’m floating around 2800 rating to 3100 rating. I

My discord tag is: Artifact#5889


Im interested. Keegandog#0994


Id love to join this discord. Im incredibly competitive and would love to grow as a player. This season im an off tank player however i can flex to many roles if needed.

Discord is Zai#0173