Non-Toxic, Competitive Overwatch Discord


This thread has been long overdue for an update.

This thread has and will continue to serve as the primary source of recruitment for the server run by myself and a small moderation team known as
Royal Duckery.

All of the staff, including myself, pride ourselves on what we have built thus far.

New Arrivals

As someone who has just joined Royal Duckery, you will have no roles and no permissions, and you will not be able to access any of the channels, or even see them.

However, this is so that newcomers to the server can quickly gain their bearings as to what they would like while on this server.

You will have access to the following channels:
as well as #announcements-

The channel that is most important is the #role-assignment channel, which contains a quick message by one of our bots that you will need to react to, in order to be placed within the server’s main population. Within this channel, you will have to click the reactions/emojis/symbols for what you would like while on the server, these can be changed at any given time by yourself or someone on the Staff team.

You MUST click the Overwatch logo to gain access to any of the Overwatch channels. Reacting to any combination of the ranks will place you on the member-list higher or lower depending on your rank, and will also make you pinged by any @ towards that rank. If you pick more than one rank, you may be pinged more often than you’d like. Especially Platinum/Diamond, where most of our members are located as of typing this update.

We also offer an Apex role and an NSFW role.

Getting Started

After getting your roles assigned to you, you will have access to all of those channels that are related. For most of you that take the Overwatch role (as well as any ranks you belong in or play in); you will gain access to the primary channels that contain a general Overwatch text channel, alongside a text channel for Highlights, Competitive discussion and/or grouping up, player-info (where battletags, hero pools, and ranks used to be stored), and battletags (for any battletags you would like to share with others, please list them there when needed, or of your own desire). We also offer a large section of voice channels for grouping up in Competitive, which are split off between fitting 6 people, and fitting two.

Additionally, there is a series of channels locked only to the Apex roles at the bottom of the server, and a series of channels just above that for any other games that players wish to indulge in.

For Overwatch specifically

Please, after joining the server and giving yourself your roles, please add a tag to your name while on the server that will tell other members what you play. F stands for Flex.

On top of having a rank that can be pinged via an @ system built into Discord, having what you play listed on your name will help many members of our community pick and choose what type of player they would like to play with at any given time. Such as @Isenfer - Tank for myself.

The Invite Link

I will no longer be focusing on replying constantly to this thread on the short times when I do visit the forums. As such, I will be making this server open to all who would wish to join. (Something I could not do without a proper moderator team, which we lacked for quite a while).

Please, only join this community if you pledge yourself to not be toxic or inflammatory to other members and/or staff.

I have nothing more to say other than, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time with us. Here is the link:*

Overwatch Discord Group — Need Players
Overwatch Discord Group — Need Players


I’ll check it out, I’m a support player. I can play every single support hero but typically play Mercy, Ana, Zen. I prefer the main support role but don’t mind either. I can also play Zarya, and Hamtaro pretty effectively.

My current rank is 3042 and I’ve been trying to climb to Masters so I’m not sure if that is something you all are interested in as well.



Sounds great, but keep in mind that we are mostly Plats- so we may not be up to your skill level.

I’ll send you the Discord link shortly.
Thank you for your time & positivity.


You can invite me as a friend on discord if you’d like, I need to sleep but will accept later this evening.



I reallyy like this idea of forming a non-toxic comp group, been wanting to voice chat but always get nervous xD
I’m a support main in gold atm so not as high level but hope I can help out in some way! My discord is Sushie#6643 :smiley:


Give me roughly an hour, and you’re in.

We have 2 golds, a silver, a diamond, and I think 4 Platinum players.

You’re fine!


I would love to join this discord I am mid plat ana widow junk zen player mostly can play most supports and a few more dps my discord is brian928#2841



Just give me a few minutes and I’ll go ahead and forward you the server.

Happy to have a new member, lookin’ forward to working with you Brian!


Hey Isenfer,

  I am relatively new to overwatch. I bought the game when it first came out anx was overwhelmed because it was my first PC FPS since quake over a decade earlier. I played again for maybe a day or two with friends a few months ago. As of four days ago i have been playing daily and have gotten hooked. I played my placement matches yesterday and landed at 1891 SR. Im not sure how good this is for someone who only has about 20 hours into the game but i am struggling to find people to play with in pugs. Your discord sounds like the perfect community for me, however i understand that i may not be the right fit for you. I have the most fun playing as Orisa Reaper and Brigette in that order. My second favorite tank is Reinhart. I will gladly flex and learn any role but would prefer Tank. If you think there is a place for me within your community my discord is Serinite#1945

My Btag is Serinite#1310.
If not i totally understand and i hope i can meet the standards one day.
Thank you for your time.


Probably one of the nicest additions I’ve ever gotten to a topic…

Which, I suppose doesn’t say much as I’ve only made three-

but, we’d be more than happy to welcome you.

Also…uh… we desperately need more Tank players, so you’re definitely good there!


Giving some more love to this thread :sun_with_face:


I’d like to check out the Discord; I am a support/tank main with Dva and Moira being my two most played heroes, but I can also play Mercy in certain situations, and trying to learn Mei. I was in plat but dropped to gold last season and started there this season, but I’d love to climb back up. My discord is Luna#0156 if I’m able to join.


That sounds wonderful!

We’ve been searching for a second Off-Tank for ages, if you’re good at the role- it’d be most helpful!


Hey I’m a silver but I mainly play tanks I can flex between Off and Main tank given the situation and also dabble in DPS a little and can play support efficiently


That’s perfectly fine.

If you reply back with your Discord tag, I can send you an invite.

You may be a part of our lower-tier teams when they are formed, if that’s okay.

More Tanks are always welcome though!


Great no problem Phantom#8695


hey! I’ve been looking for some people to group up with in comp, im high gold/plat (ive been climbing consistently for two season because i upgraded to a gaming pc instead of a laptop, so i might belong in gold, or plat, i dont really know for sure). my lucio gameplay is pretty stellar (95% of the time i outheal main heals) and i have a mean zarya and dva, as well as being able to play main heals (altho i find this boring and prefer to do zen/lucio or off tank), my discord is McCool#4467 !


Hey! im low plat mainly play hitscan dps but would like to improve as a flex support add me if you’d like a ana,zen or moira player


Is that your battletag or your discord tag???

We’d be happy to have another person in!
Everyone is welcome.


Sorry its my battletag