Non-Toxic Competitive Community actively recruiting all SR, all Regions, all roles!

alf#7606 bronze player hoping to team up and rank up

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Same please.

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I tried to send you a friend request but i didn’t go through, can you double check your tag for me, please? thank you!

Whoops my bnet is JahWarrior#11580 lol. My bad

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Cal#2225 Exactly what i’ve been looking for!

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Adding some of you to my friends list on bnet. Please make sure you’re sending me your DISCORD tags instead of your battlenet tags. Using discord to add you is just easier :slight_smile:

BOOMPOOL#9737 This is my discord name Would be very interesting in this community. Me and my college esports team are looking for people to scrim with to keep practice so a community like this is ideal.

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Tennder#7996 Discord

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All invites up to this point have been sent out :slight_smile: we’re still recruiting!

SeventhSalute #2785 :slight_smile:

meeriepeer#4386 :smiley:

GreyWolf#21176 Europe

Sound like great fun!


Sounds like a blast.


My discord is BossFace#6153, I would love to join!

wait why is it 18+ only? Are payments involved?

Sounds fun :smiley:

I need frends lol


discord :slight_smile:

I Need Friends by the way i’m new to pc