Non-Toxic Competitive Community actively recruiting all SR, all Regions, all roles!

Hi, my name is Salty!

I’m a recruiter for a competitive Overwatch community! We are a smaller group that was started with the goal of keeping toxicity out while having a competitive and fun environment.

We currently have 20 PS4 teams, 4 XBOX teams, and 5 PC teams. We have team scrims, and are planning tournaments throughout the year with prizes. We have teams from many regions all over the world! So there is definitely a home for you here.

We are also looking for casters and coaches. So if you don’t want to play but you want one of these roles, we can definitely bring you in also.

You MUST be 18+ to join

You can come in alone or bring friends, or even bring your whole team. We can’t wait to play together!

Comment with your discord username and tag and I’ll send you over details and an invite :smiley:


Sounds fun

Hey, glad to hear you’re interested! I tried to add you on discord but it says your username is invalid. Could you double check that your information is correct? Thank you!



mb its Buggy#2317
waiting for ya

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Sure thing!


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Moxxi#9159 and B-tag Moxxi#21622

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seems legit and sounds great

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Nigeku#3991 sounds cool

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Astayy #2473

Sounds great to me. I’m sick of being with a team that doesn’t want to work together…

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I’m looking for a team that wants to play comp or scrims :slight_smile:
Tank 2.6 ( Winston, Rein, Zarya )
Dps 2.4 ( Phara, Reaper, Mei, Mcree )

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HBK#0227 on discord hmu!

hii i’d like to join too! discord is Melody#6144, BT is Melody#12718

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Hi! I’d be interested in joining. Moogle#4283, BT - Moogle#21828

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TylerDurden#2986, 2k support main.

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I’d be interested in joining/trying out for a US West team on PC. Primarily play support (Moira main) in 2500-3000 range. Open to other roles. Looking to advance with team play.

Discord: Liverdie#7364


add me on discord HBK#0227

Lynx#0444 my bnet is lynx#12646

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I tried to send you a friend request but i didn’t go through, can you double check your tag for me, please? thank you!

That was my discord. Bnet tag is Liverdie#11296

Ok, well for whatever reason it wasn’t working on discord. I sent you a friend request via battlenet so keep an eye out for that!