Non-ptr Feedback -please Let Us Opt Out Of Middle East’s Servers And Pick Only Europe’s Servers For Us English Speakers Living Closer Or In ME

I have 1.5k hours in the game strictly playing tanks, I love this unique role and couldn’t find any thing similar in other games after I stopped playing when the ME servers were introduced because of the difficultly of communicating with people you don’t speak their language in a team based game that relies on good communication, also the communication itself was part of the enjoyment I got from the game despite the toxicity from time to time but that’s fine.

I play the competitive mode only and communicate in English in game, and big part of the experience I love in this game is communicating and leading 5 other random players to win, unfortunately I can’t do that anymore because I get paired with people who speak Arabic or don’t speak at all (less players use voice chat in ME apparently), also speaking in English can sometimes results in me getting flamed for speaking English since most of the players don’t speak the language and I don’t blame them for that but the game that forced me to play on this server. since I live in the Middle East I get connected to the ME servers even though the ping I had to Europe’s servers was very playable, when I test my ping to Europe’s servers I get a very decent ping of 70ms to 80ms.

Please I beg if anyone from the devs team sees this let me opt out of the Middle East’s servers and pick strictly Europe’s servers or at least acknowledge the issue.