Non-flex should be matched with non-flex

People who are willing to adapt and pick a viable hero vs any comp shouldn’t be handicapped into the guaranteed loss matches caused by stubborn players. I don’t EVER want a sym one trick on my team, because if we play vs pharmercy, it’s impossible to win. Those players made their choice and are completely ok with playing unwinnable games. It’s not fair to put those always willing to do what is best for the team with them. Let them play together and enjoy having 5 others on their team, so all of their games can be horribly lopsided one way or the other (whether the other team adapts or not determines whether they win).

This would be trivially easy to code in. The more highly distributed your play time is on different heroes across the role, the higher your “flex” rating. Put high flex with high flex and low flex with low flex.

And yes, you can literally triple my queue times to get them out of my games.

Distributed time won’t say anything, you do know that flexing isn’t viable in every match right?
This could negatively impact some non-flex players who have above average performance.

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I can think of some other metadata that could be included in this algorithm, such as

~Frequency of ability usage.
~Time spent standing in a choke getting shot.
~The type of routes you typically travel on a map. Anyone who only knows how to play mid-lane gets put with other people who only mid-lane until better map awareness is achieved.
~Whether you pop ult before or after your team is dead (looking at you, Moira players who coalesce after a wipe)

Man, I could play around with this idea all day.

Agreed. I queue with my gf and we made a point of mastering multiple tanks before even starting ranked. I can’t wait until I play with dps to help deal with things like a pharah or a bastion though. I’ll always switch to dva to deal with a pharah or a roadhog to deal with bastion but boy it would be nice to for the dps to switch instead =p