No Word on Hanzo Bow Recoil?

It’s not even mentioned in the patch notes :frowning: I don’t really have a DPS main, but I do enjoy Hanzo but the bow “recoil” makes him painful to play.

Not an overall impressive patch/balance pass…

  • Not really sure Moira needed that buff since, you know, most Moira players these days are always 100% Biotic Energy.
  • JQ Buffs are nice to see, but she’s going to suffer the same way that Rein does: no Lucio? Better swap. I will be giving her a try in some QP
  • Zarya tweaks are probably innocuous to most players
  • Brig shield health is QOL more than anything. 250 HP just vaporizes

Speaking of vaporizing 250hp…
Not a word about maybe balancing Roadhog? small damage tweaks are all that’s needed. Heck, I think if you removed the damage caused by landing the hook, he might fall in-line since he won’t be able to 1-shot [combo] nearly every squishy in the game.

Special shoutout to this “fix”:

Fixed a bug with Souvenirs being incorrectly placed on Ramattra

Easier fix: remove them from the game?

Full patch notes:

it got fixed and kirko was nerfed and not said

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Overwatch 2 Known Issues, January 5, 2023 - Updated its mentioned as a resolved issue.


now we just need genjis hand animation fixed

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Dope! Thanks for correcting me

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They also removed Sojourn’s Cyber Detective skin from the game (as in those people who had purchased it now cannot equip it as it’s no longer on the skins list) and nothing was said about it.

They did. It was making people disappear.

Its more than likely a bug for Kiriko. If a hero gets changed and isnt mentioned in the patch notes then its a bug

Yea but its still a nerf to her

Have to bump an old thread but are we just supposed to live with that awful ‘jerk’ after shooting? It’s supposedly ‘fixed’ but it still happens, it’s only smaller. I looked at old OW1 footage and there’s zero recoil screenshake after firing even a full powered shot but there is now even after the fix.

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There’s no recoil in the shots I’m taking.

In OW2 they did add some screen shaking which can be disabled in the options menu.

But that’s the thing, you can’t disable it completely. Googled a video from OW1 for comparison.

Notice how the shots are perfectly smooth. There’s zero screen shake, pinch-zoom effect or animation jerk. Now here’s a few shots I recorded with the options of hud shake off and ‘reduced’ camera shake.

As you can see the camera still shakes with every shot other than the storm arrows which work like the old shots, except for the last storm arrow shot which for some reason still causes that shake.