No these changes for mercy aren't "Awesome"

??? I only started playing Mercy a bit before her rework, so I don’t know a lot about her before then.

Looks like she was a must-pick to me, just a couple months ago.


When will Moira get justice

How much have you played with them to know that?

Listening to feedback =/= doing what you want.

Please learn that someday.

Did you not see the sick replay feature they are working on?

Really? You know that?
Can I have the next Powerball numbers? I want to become a millionaire and you seem to know the future.

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What does Moira need buffed?

I recommend you read this and do some research on it <3 theres a lot to learn that a lot of people don’t seem to know but willfully ignore.

Healing through barriers for one.

This post by Titanium is nothing more than revert Mercy propaganda. Make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions GamerDylan.

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She has a lower pick and winrate than Mercy in GM

It seems that pure healing with no utility just won’t work

The TLDR is 15m range high noon as a Mass Rez, and removing Valkyrie.

Aka, deader than a doornail, and not worth reading, because the devs won’t do it.

Its been a year.

its clearly not working as they’d hoped it would.

She was a must pick last season.

No 3 Instant rezzes then.

I like it. I think it’s working fine. They are giving her a buff so they are converging on what they want.
Did you know game design is hard?

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Grandmaster is not the whole game, you know.

Also, Ana has a higher pick rate right now in GM, I guess she is a must pick too?

Maybe perhaps ana was a trash pick last season?

That’s why I posted her overall pickrate first. Which was excessively high.


While Mercy’s healing was nerfed from 60hp/s to 50hp/s, almost all of the other supports got major buffs. We don’t actually have any knowledge how Mercy’s 60hp/s base healing would have played out in combination with the other buffs.

Her healing was never a problem, in fact it got buffed to further cement her role as a main healer, back when there was way less damage in the game to begin with. The problem was always the value of resurrect, no matter how mindnumbingly boring and irritating it is to use right now. :man_shrugging:


Mercy had to be nerfed before the last big healer patch.

What nerf would you have preferred, without any major rework?

5 second Guardian Angel?

3 second cast time on Rez?

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Valkyrie specifically, yes.
Remember, people picked Mercy because of Rez.

But with 50 HPS Rez can’t carry Off-healer Mercy. A buff to Valkyrie won’t change that.

Mercy from that patch also was overpowered.

And current Mercy below Diamond is only slightly underpowered.