No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

Then how come back in the old OW days, it was always a BAD thing if your Tank teammates werent defending the team, or if one teammate went Hog?

I am so sick of that bulls**t response. At least in OW2 that will finally make sense due to barriers being dead & that game actually being designed around natural cover. The stuff you mentioned, that will be the case in OW2.

But it never made sense in OW1, because Junkrat alone makes space. DPS have tons of CC. And now, nearly the whole roster is filled with dmg dealers.

All the Tanks had to do in old OW was to keep the rest of us alive by defending us with shields. Not by attacking & feeding the other team.

Then I guess everyone had it, because that is how everyone played until Blizzard started killing the Tank role.

How tf did barriers serve a fight in pushes through King Row, for example? Barriers defended the team & allowed them to get through without taking damage. Also, the defending Tank doesn’t feed the enemy’s ult charge.

Then there’s Dive. Without barriers, that tactic wouldve never worked in old OW.

maybe in an office or a field like medicine that requires extensive knowledge in a subject, i can lay brick, frame, do foundations, roof, cook and more.

I have never had any problem getting and keeping a job, I have however seen a strict carpenter finish the framing and be useless after and literally get sent home until new carpentry is available. Guy lost 4 months in wages before the next house, i worked through.

I have also seen this in kitchens when a cook can only do x and a situation needs more than that.

maybe you have just convinced yourself putting it all into 1 thing is best in most situations.

remember it’s OW, the job description isn’t what you decided it is, you actively working against the game design, then blaming balance isn’t the same as applying for a job that wants a 1-trick.

this explains a lot.

of course not, it’s also true that the overwhelming majority of the worlds population is fundamentally retarded and will actively go against the flow and then complain about how much something is a struggle.

It’s also true that the higher you climb the fewer 1-tricks there are and the lower you go the more there are.


I honestly don’t care what someone plays as long as they arn’t running into 3+ counters over and over, or failing their job repeatedly and not even willing to consider another option.

There is a difference, I am willing to give something a good try and work around them, they are not.

No one said anything about every hero, nice try though. It’s just about realizing when something is already not working and at least trying to do something about it.

It’s also unreasonable, to join a competitive lobby and sandbag your team by asking 5 others to work around you and failing that, not giving the same in return or half butt-ing a diff hero.

You see the new mode they’re adding? The shield tank is an npc now


I mean, even some Tanks are just WM1 pew pew characters.

laughs in widow.

so far they haven found a rendition of 5v5 where widow and hanzo dont dominate and odds are they wont.

lets face it, they havent even tried buffing the off tanks to where double off tank is a viable strat diamond down, which would solve que times for, get this, 96% of the player base.

they cant even buff the off tanks with 2-2-2 in place to prevent slambulance, cant figure out how to add a simple debuff to friendly shields to prevent double shield, but they are going to somehow redesign the entire game from the top down for 5v5?

Well it seems to me that you’re describing a sniper dominated game where dva is the most valuable tank so it sounds like the game is already going to be redesigned for my dva :wink:

Rein’s shield nerf in the OW2 test was not meaningful bc there is also one fewer person shooting at it. 1/4 nerf just keeps it where it is.

Ppl never learned to play shieldless comps because they weren’t made to. Ban Rein and Orisa for the first 2 seasons of OW2 and Sigma and Winston for the first season.

in the games they have shown thus far the tanks had a much lower impact.

and the snipers dominated, dva and winston didnt do anything to stop it.

They designed al maps thinking that a 2000 hp shield from a reindhart or 2 winstons or 4 tanks could be picked and pass those bottle necks that are in almost every map ( kins row, eichenwald,hanamura,paris etc etc etc) the gane will be a mess in old maps if they dont fix them.

lol why u have to worry bout ow2 when it ain’t gonna be released by 2077 in the first place?

People will adapt to play cover or fall based on their security blanket of two shields supporting poor play

Since we have no idea what they are doing to tanks really but do know that no hero will be left unaffected the majority of posts on this thread are doomsaying posts masquerading as logic.

You simply do not have enough information to be making logical or impassioned statements about OW2.

All you can say is that it wouldn’t work in OW1. And yes, obviously but that is irrelevant.

If anything be angry at the lack of information. But don’t try to force OW2 into an OW1 size hole. It doesn’t work.

Maybe doomsaying makes you feel better but it’s hard to take you seriously when you mouth off about things you know nothing about because it hasn’t happened yet, and speculating is near impossible.

They nerfed Hitscan slightly and the bottom fell out of some people’s worlds.

The OW2 major balance patch is gonna cause a BroFlake tsunami the likes of which we have never seen.

TBH this is one of my biggest concerns about the whole 5v5 ordeal. Considering what kind of buffs Rein received, the off-tanks better get some quality buffs or they have no chance of ever competing for any meta spots outside the proscene with barriers. Something like a 6s matrix, infinite bubble duration and half the cooldown on breather are stuff like that

These are pretty significant nerfs which I kinda understand but you also gave Brig some pretty big buffs which will probably keep these two in check.

regarding the shield bash, i’m a bit confused. if all shield bash brings to the table is melee level damage that goes through barriers, then why not just melee? brig’s primary does around the same damage and already goes through barriers and doesn’t even need a cooldown?

Consider that Whipshot would reset the Bash cooldown.
Melee + Bash + Melee + Whipshot + Bash + Melee

35+35+70+35+35 = 210 damage

That’s why

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hmm, that’s a fair point

Even if you had a shield tank in OW2 King’s Row defense…

What’s stopping someone from walking out of spawn as Bastion, buzzing your shield off and their team jumps you,

then walking right back into spawn and swapping to their original pick…

Whipshot boops your enemy way past Brig’s fighting range though, there’d be a large gap of time there

That’s why as Brig you always use Whip as your finisher if going for a kill :>