No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

that is what has me worried i can play most tanks but i dont want to be stuck playing a shield tank because that is the only viable strategy

this is a dumb answer
sorry but its true
its like “don’t drink water” if its poisoned
making an entire hero completely obsolete is not good even if its only on select maps
no map is like this where certain heroes are COMPLETELY unplayable as dva would be solo kings row

now onto the post
you have the right to be worried as a tank player I definitely am but all we can do is wait to see what they do

Not sure why you would have in the first place.

I just kinda play whatever i want, full stacked, in qp, cause who cares in qp.

In comp, i would just do what the situation needs without having to be asked, cause it’s comp and going into comp like it’s qp, is like joining a sports team and deciding i don’t wanna do a defensive position so doing something else.


i agree with you that all tanks have to be viable if you know what you’re doing on all maps. but i disagree that dva would be completely unplayable. kings row is already my favourite map and the only time i lose with dva/zarya or dva/hog on it is when people get so tilted they don’t play the game but argue about needing a shield instead.

the only maps where shields are almost “required” are 2cp maps and those are going to be deleted.

yea but on both those maps you have a second tank to help sponge up damage
as bad as zarya dva is its not completely unplayable and does have pros

yes, but season 3 dva, which is what solo tank dva will pretty much be, would have no trouble at all. remember she can offangle delete damage for her team and has mobility. she will still be able to use corners and high ground to be a real menace for the enemy. other changes, like to the maps themselves, should make her fine on any map.

Maybe if they make the payload give better protection against high ground and make sure nothing can damage you from underneath it. Unless they make the payload move by itself.

Also some KotH/Hybrid maps have no cover on the point.

true but even then she could struggle on 2cp alone and somewhat kings row as how tight thee map is

with 2cp deleted, as they confirmed it will be from comp, that leaves minor tweaks on each map to make it work. and then it should work fine even on king’s row.

The best defense is a good offense.

This is already how you should be playing though…

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What if I don’t enjoy using a certain tool. I have absolutely no practice with this tool, so if I used it, I would probably wind up harming myself and others. I also have no desire to practice with this tool, since this tool is a very uninteresting tool to me and every attempt for me to try to learn it I quit because it wasn’t enjoyable to me.

Now let’s say I have another tool. It isn’t necessarily the best tool for the job. However, it’s a similar tool that fills the same role as the other tool, it just isn’t as good for the situation. However, I have REALLY practiced this tool. I can make use of this tool to the best of it’s effectiveness.

Which tool would you rather I use?

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I mean in QP it shouldn’t matter, but for comp it sounds like sandbagging your team.

monkeys use isn’t even similar to d’va’s, that isn’t similar to hogs, exc, exc, exc, exc.

Remember the whole jack of all trades saying, “jack of all trades, master of none, but often times better than a master of one.”.

Like go only practice 1 anything, then go apply for a job that is looking for someone that can do many things. You won’t get the job, and the devs have said repeatedly that the game is designed around switching.

I think you can see where I am going with this.

In qp i would like you to do what makes you happy, in comp neither, i would rather a tank player, not a X-hero only player. same goes for all roles imo.

  1. Most jobs want an expert in a field, not an amateur who has interned in every field
  2. It doesn’t matter that the devs thought this game was about switching, it isn’t
  3. There is not a single multiplayer game with hero select that has ever been able to convince people NOT to main or onetrick IN THEIR MAJORITY
  4. The game balancing has finally begun to accomodate this and to make hero select card deck building less important than skill

You’re conflating one trick with someone who doesn’t play the character you specifically want them to play.

It’s not reasonable to expect everyone to enjoy playing every hero in the game enough to practice them, then expect them to be able to play them all at a decent level. No.

It’s more reasonable for you to pick the best character in a certain situation based on who you already play.

Hammond’s already a DPS. Same for Hog, Sigma & Rein. Heck, DVA’s getting there thanks to her buff. Zarya, Orisa & Winston are next.

No they are not. If you honestly believe that then you have no idea what makes a tank a tank.

Tanks are DEFENDERS. That’s their job, but Blizzard has been nerfing that to oblivion for 3 years now, and they said it themselves that Tanks in OW2 wont stand & defend. They need to change the role name to Brawler, Bruiser or Heavy.

Hog & Hammond were never defenders to begin with. They never had barriers, and Hammond’s a 2nd rate Tracer.

Sigma’s barrier is dead, he’s been a DPS since that nerf.

Rein’s barrier is dead, and his dmg capabilities were buffed. He’s a DPS, Blizzard now encourages more hammer swings & no shielding. You know, the thing they took a jab at in Rein’s Cinematic Short. When was that anyway? Oh, 3 years ago, BEFORE the DPS favoritism went full blast. And in OW2, Rein will hit even harder.

DVA’s starting to become a DPS. She had many nerfs that affected her defense capabilities, especially to her Defense Matrix. What was the buff she had? Oh right, Call Mech 1-shotting targets, which is why everyone uses her now. Just to slaughter everyone with no effort.

Winston, Zarya & Orisa are next. In fact, look at OW2 Winston, he gets a new damage ability. Also, Winston & Orisa’s barriers were never as good as Reins.

Blizzard wants nothing but damage.

That is not what Tanks are and it is never what Tanks have been. If you have been playing Tank that way you have been playing tank incorrectly for years.

I am sure you have heard the phrase “making space” before which is a dumbed-down version of the true purpose of a Tank. In slightly more in depth terms the purpose of a Tank is to control the advantageous position and make sure that fights happen in ways that are advantageous to your team. You do that using a combination of high short-range damage thus making you a threat to any location you have, having ultimates that are all about controlling a specific location or creating chaos in a fight.

Basically you have had the wrong idea about what Tanks do. It seems to me you were thinking of Tanks in the low-ranked player philosophy where you escort your team to a fight (or wait for them to come to you) and try to prevent death while the DPS get kills. This is very incorrect and has literally never been how OW has worked. Rein NEVER functioned like this if you were playing him correctly. The defensive abilities exist to serve the fight not prevent it.

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…right up until your McCree passive-aggresively says “We need a shield” which is really code for “Switch to Reinhardt”

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