No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

I figure everybody can carry a “lack of kills”, and the flanking DPS who never gets a Kill, it’s actually pretty common.


They can add natural cover for maps like that.

More cover. The devs did say they are reworking old maps to create more natural cover like for Junkertown & Kings Row in that OW2 PvP livestream.

Yes well you’re doing it wrong. OW2 will mean being able to run dva without a shield tank on king’s row. And the idea that she’d be still considered an offtank at that point is utterly ridiculous. She’ll be a main tank because there will only BE main tanks.

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They said they will rarely add additional cover to maps and when they do it’ll be very minimal.

But OW1 will cease to exist. If I care about how OW plays, then I care about how OW2 plays and the good parts that get deleted


I wish I shared your confidence that what they’re trying to do will actually work and will result in an eventuality that has not existed for the entire life of the game.


From what we’ve seen you’ll have twice as much defense matrix to use as Dva. That can block a lot of damage assuming your team isn’t standing out in the open against long range heroes the entire time, which would be a problem for Reinhardt too since his shield isn’t infinite and is vulnerable without one since he’s melee

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Well I’m still working on the design/formatting, but here’s something more like what I got in mind.

A balance patch like that, would be relatively simple to balance Tanks, because all of them have a barrier-like ability of some sort, self sustain, self peel, and firepower.


  • GENERAL - Explosives splash damage can’t be damage boosted.
  • ANA - Less anti-tank CC
  • BRIG - Frontline brawler instead of backline CC-bot
  • MERCY - Minor buffs all around, because it’s less power in damage boost, and every healer gets regen passive
  • ZARYA - 2x bubbles like April fools patch, but also the bubbles fall off and become miniature Winston bubbles.

━━━━━━━━ GENERAL ━━━━━━━━━

  • Explosives splash damage can’t be damage boosted.
Comment: *Lowers the annoyance factor from Explosives spam (I.e. PharMercy spamming at range). Small buffs can be given to affected players if needed.

━━━━━━━━ SUPPORT ━━━━━━━━━

Regeneration (Role Passive)

  • After 3 seconds out of combat, all healers self-heal at a rate of 15hps


GOAL: The goal here is to take some power out some of the most powerful "MOBA" Anti-Tank abilities in the game, to make the game more appealing to Tank players. Ana also typically was greatly limited by a lack of selfheal, and blocked out by barrier spam. And that's going to change. She also currently accounts for roughly 1/3rd of all Healer picks.


GOAL: Makes Brig into a mobile frontline brawler, who heals with inspire whenever she's doing damage. Instead of a backline CC-bot. Should make Brig substantially more popular in lower ELOs, and less of an "anti-fun" pick for high tier.


GOAL: Damage boost is getting weaker and Regeneration is availible to all healers. So Mercy needs buffs. So here's some basic buffs to heals, Blaster and

━━━━━━━━ TANK ━━━━━━━━━

Role Passive

  • All Knockbacks reduced by 50%


GOAL: Allows Zarya to function a more like a typical barrier tank, while still doing her usual bubble peeling.


GOAL: Makes more capable of functioning like a Main Tank.


GOAL: This is the gameplay feature we saw at BlizzCon.




GOAL: Makes Orisa more fearsome at close range, with the capability to close that gap easier. Additionally she can self-sustain more easily with shield-health. Making it so that she gets the same benefit from a healthpack as a 200hp hero.


GOAL: Sigma is already well suited as a barrier tank, with offtank aspects and decent damage. Just need to buff him up to Rein tier.



━━━━━━━━ DAMAGE ━━━━━━━━━

:white_check_mark: Traversal (Role Passive)

  • 9% faster movement speed
























People will still cry out for rectangle man unless his shield size is nerfed a lot.

Right, and you can go ahead and do that. I never said not to.

right but the point is i’ll continue not caring, and win most of my games, and that’s all that matters. only now your other tank can’t join them in throwing, and your healers can’t pretend not to notice you and only focus on the other. your dps also have to go the way you want to go/is best for your tank (like dva going window on hanamura genji must follow) without another tank confusing them about which lane to go.

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Good players already use cover. The tank shield is for the tank and to transition from point A to point B. Non tank players who think they need a shield aren’t playing the game properly.


Reinhardht: “I heard your shield was strong Brigitte, let me take it for a spin!”
barely covers his torso
Reinhardht: “This is mine now.”


Well you have no idea what they’re going to give D.Va yet… plus if you’re going be solo tanking, it’s best to have a couple more you can play under your sleeve

Or you are doing it wrong and we are supposed to use the best tool for each job depending on the map, exc…

There’s going to be one tank that is perceived to be better than the rest, and that’s the tank your team will demand you play.

Even if it makes more sense to play some tanks on some maps.

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Yeah, but it would still be a lot better than the status quo below Masters.

With Rein making up over 1/3rd of all Tank usage.

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I mean, part of it is also because there aren’t all that many main tanks, and of those there are, Rein is definitely the most accessible.

and thankfully, with class passives and one less tank, i won’t need to care what tank you think i should play :slight_smile: