No ps4 owl tournament tokens

I just wanted to say that I was watching for about 2 hours on ps4 yt and I got no tokens, not a massive issue but just wanted to let people know. all my accounts were linked

I mean it probably could take a while

Are you watching on the YouTube platform or on Most users have reported getting their tokens watching on right away. YouTube seems to be delayed in the drops but some have reported earning them.

VERY IMPORTANT I don’t have time to track all possible forum threads to provide help. If you have additional information please reply in this thread:

i was watching from the yt app on the ps4

Do you have your YouTube account signed in on the YouTube app on PS4? That’s important.

Oh are OWL drops available for this ExP tournament live stream? And are we able to earn the grey skins yet?

You can earn tokens yes. See my guide that I have linked above.

Not yet, the first hero skin will be available to earn on May 7th. Again the guide has details.

yeh i was signed in, thanks for the support man, ur always on the ball.

It usually takes some time, if the tournament just ended and you’re not seeing drops that’s normal.

okay, thanks dudes…

Did u ever get your tokens? I watched over 4 hours last night on my ps4 YT app im signed in and connect to battle.nrmet but nothing yet?

Not on ps4 no I just use the website and am trying yt on my laptop now

Please switch to a mobile device or a computer. Right now it is not certain that all alternate device apps will work. Officially, Blizzard has recommended to not use them.

Yeah, after watching owl on the official youtube app on playstation I don’t seem to be getting tokens. I have my youtube and playstation account connected to my blizzard account and I am logged into youtube on playstation.

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