No OWL tokens are being awarded!


Do far there are 20 of us in my group that have not received any OWL tokens for the All star league. that is 2.5hrs worth.


I reported the same Issue as well, and where I lost tokens and yet I haven’t spent any of them.


and of course during the double points right?


I know right!!! Last week and this week both not receiving any tokens. Whats the point in advertising Double Tokens when the people who usually tune in everyweek arent even getting tokens during the playoffs and All star event.


i know and i was told that blizzard can’t give tokens. wt freak? it’s your product???


Cant give tokens during All Star event and stage playoffs but has every other time overwatch League is on? Like I dont understand what they are doing right now.


Hey there Wizard,

I’m seeing 24 tokens for today marked as delivered for this account. If they’re not showing up, try closing and reopening the game.

Keep in mind these tokens may take some time to show up. Sometimes it can be pretty close to instant, other times there can be large volumes of rewards going out which can make it take a bit longer.


Exactly. Hoping there’s just a delay, but if this prevents me from getting the Mercy skin I will be more than upset


I am also experiencing this. I watched most of yesterdays events and didn’t get any tokens today when I logged in :frowning:


Does it matter if I’m watching the matches on PC or mobile or tablet? I can’t use the computer so late. I’m using my phone to watch the matches…does it still earn tokens?


Up to now, I’m still not received the tokens from Day1.


Just chiming in to link WyomingMyst’s super useful guide for Overwatch Twitch drops:

It’s important to note that if you become inactive you may not earn tokens (mentioned in guide).


I am happy that i’m not the only one that has this issue


Hey Blizzard I haven’t gotten any token either over the past two days! A few yesterday, but that’s it. I’ve been watching the games live in almost there entirety, what gives?


Same issue here, very frustrating.


so if you are worried that this issue is not taken care of, make sure you buy tokens so you don’t miss out?
boo… not cool.


I keep hearing plenty of people with this problem, I contacted support and they said they can’t do anything.


So for every other OWL game I have gotten the points (I watch it on overwatch league . com). But for some reason only for the Atlantic/pacific games I can’t get points, I know I’m logged in because it says at the bottom that I am. It would be very much appreciated if I were to know if I am doing something wrong.


After two days All-Stars games, I could not get any tokens. It’s already past their “up to 24 hours” to get the tokens. Really disappointed. I had refreshed the screen regularly and quite sure I remain logged in to earn viewership rewards (with proof of picture). Good bye Mercy’s skin. Good bye Overwatch League.


Can we riot :stuck_out_tongue: because they’re not going to do anything otherwise, they don’t care enough