I have a GOOGLE account Main and a Hotmail account Alt. My Main Account unlocking no problem but my Alt Account is not getting SKINS and It shows they LINKED on both BATTLENET and GOOGLE via YOUTUBE. I linked to another Google Account instead of using that Hotmail account cuz I dont even know if you can use hotmail to log in & watch Youtube vids. Its just easier using Gmail but its not working.

So my Battlenet login is @Hotmail but linked to @Gmail account is what Im saying but NO REWARDS after endless Hours watching ENCORE

I doubt that it has anything to do with the email you used to register your account.

Have you tried the troubleshooting steps from this topic?

if I had to guess it’s because watching only gives rewards to one account per youtube account, and it’s prioritizing the older account maybe?

To get rewards for both you’d probably need to link the second email to another YouTube and watch in a different browser/on a different device.

Yeah nah. I originally tried to Link both Accounts to the same Google account but it just swapped back and forth from one to the other. Now Im using 2 totally different Google accounts but still have issues even though it CLEARLY says LINKED on both Youtube & on Battlenet

I know what Im doing enough to get 1 Account 9/9 REWARDS yet the other Account refuses to gain anything

I tried running both Youtube accounts on PC at same time playing ENCORE but I guess I will try JUST that 1 Account now since I alrdy gained 9/9 as is on other account

Okay so each email (regardless of the email provider) must be on a seperate google account each. Now you could use the Hotmail alt account to watch on (and not YouTube), but make sure you use different devices if you try to watch using multiple accounts at once.

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Thank you. I will definitely try that. That’s one option I haven’t yet tried & running OUT of TIME :sob:

Idk why my other Account worked but not this one but hopefully this is The Solution. Thx again for the response.