No one has ever complained about Widow's SMG at long range


So why is the SMG getting falloff?

SMG having no falloff, was intentionally restricted by intentionally bad spread and low starting damage, to reduce its usefulness.

  • At range, you literally had to click at a rate of 3 clicks per second in order to ensure proper accuracy, otherwise spread made it pure luck.

Because of the above two restrictions, Widow’s SMG has never been viable at range, except in one niche scenario where it can be used to clean up a one-shot enemy before they escape, because an SMG burst is faster than a 0% sniper shot.

That niche is now gone.

Adding falloff to the SMG, with the bad spread and low starting damage still in play makes it useless.

The only time you should ever really need to use the SMG, as a last-hitting one-tap… and she just had her last-hit one-tap potential completely stripped from her.

Furthermore, because we don’t know what ranges falloff starts kicking in (it could be Tracer/Sombra levels of fall off, McCree FtH levels of falloff, or Bastion/Soldier levels of falloff… we just don’t know), against characters who dive and kite her, she now deals variable damage to both barriers and enemy health pools making her already inconsistent SMG even more inconsistent.

  • Against diving flankers (Tracer/Genji) Widow now deals variable damage that now forces her to wait until they get within face-check distance, or risk reloading and dying while reloading.
    • Even against tanks, because of how armor works, if falloff ever causes the damage to drop below 10 damage, it completely changes how armor reduces damage. Damage gets halved, meaning at the farthest extent of her falloff range, she’s dealing 3.25 damage to enemies with armor…

Widow is being pigeonholed into sniping at all ranges.

  • Awful 0% spam shots are now the “correct” way to clean up a one-shot enemy.
  • Cleanup kills are now riskier (because of the misprediction hitreg bug) and slower (between 1/5-1/6th of a second).
  • Marksmen heroes were just giving a damage buff so they can counter-snipe (without picking Widow).
  • Armor can halve SMG’s close range effectiveness (just after Brigitte was released)
  • Sym turrets get a buff out of this (just after her rework that gave the turrets HP… Widow now has to snipe turrets to destroy them which is ultimately a waste of time and ammo)…

Even if it’s for “standardization” to make sure all hitscan heroes have consistent falloff (which, slight tangent but where are Tracer and Sombra factored into that?) … considering she has low starting damage, shouldn’t it stand to reason that she gets compensation for that? Or are we just straight nerfing her because she’s finally seeing some semblance of regular play now?

Anything new with Widow internally?

At the very least, can we get the falloff distance thresholds?