No one cheats in qp

Those of you that actually believe this are exactly why they get away with it. You are just as much a part of the problem as they are. The delusion required to believe people dont cheat in a game when it takes 50 wins to op comp at a time where its a profitable business to sell accounts for unranked to GM contribute to this. The devs wont implement a working anti-cheat bc you all refuse to put them on notice. You all need to take this crap serious before this game turns into CS. I for one am beyond tired of being sniped by widows while I am in stealth on sombra or 3 tapped by cass’s that pretend they know where I am. I am tired of watching people say they can hear my footsteps while I am playing zenyatta in qp. I am tired of this nonsense.


”No one cheats in qp”

I’ll give you $50 in Steam credit if you can quote one person on these forums who genuinely used your strawman title as their argument verbatim prior to you making the claim.


How are people who haven’t ran into QP cheaters the reason Blizzard can’t ban cheaters?


Is the game broken for some depending on opponent skill, buffs and your regular hero possibly nerfed? Yes.

Are quick play matches filled with five stacks versus no stacks? Or top 500 players with buddies against bronze 10 (sarcasm here) level players? Or on Smurf accounts? Quite often.

Did the increase in health manage to do anything against Widowmaker? No. Can still get easily headshotted. Actually, she has grown more powerful post season 9 patch. Partial problem with Widowmaker has always been the lack of glint that exists for sniper classes in other FPS games. For some reason, OverWatch developers believe that she should have absolutely no challenge outside of an opponent switching to Widowmaker or an opponent tank switching to Winston to jump on her. If no one commits to the switch, the opponent will have too much range to be a spotted effectively before the hit scan kills you.

This game is far beyond repair. I suggest you either suck it up or go find another game to play. I’m not trying to be a troll here. They have no intention of fixing this game and will do their best to clone Call of Duty to mimic insane deaths with certain heroes at the expense of other players just getting fed up and leaving the game for something else. Good luck finding a game that makes you happy again. I can almost guarantee that this will not.

Meta in OverWatch definition means “the development team does not know what they’re doing and will off balance heroes purposely through trial and error or just plain inexperience and incompetence”.

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Yes… the possibly non-existent sub-clique in the forums that denies cheaters exist entirely is the entire reason the devs are not making a forever-working anticheat… which is something that nobody has ever done.

Hot take yo.


While I can’t say I’ve seen anyone who thinks cheaters don’t exist at all

I’ve definitely seen people who downplay the amount of cheating a game like overwatch has.


Which is an entirely rational discourse to delve into

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I’ve seen some people exaggerate it quite a bit too. Saying that one out of every 4 players cheats… this means in almost every game you’d have a minimum of 2 cheaters.

Does any of this lend any credence to the idea that the devs are looking at the forums (let alone a tiny subgroup) for indications they should do something about cheaters?


Depends on what people define as cheating nowadays. It isn’t like the old days of botting or claims of aim assist. There are true cheaters out there that know how to code that no anti-cheat software will ever detect. The coder will never release their personal clients. There is nothing that can be done about those types of cheaters. The other types tend to buy junk software from third party websites. They tend to get caught pretty easily as those hacks are reverse engineered.

Of course, you have some players with true level of skill and response.

There are not enough employees to keep up with the players and complaints of cheating. Eventually, all of these major companies will turn to AI to better counter cheaters. It won’t be a complete fix though.


Are you asking people questions such as “how did you know I was there” to get those responses? They aren’t just randomly typing them out.


This is already proven false. It happens. There’s literal videos on youtube. Why would you even say otherwise lol you’re weird.

And what do you think it is? What do you base this on?

likely less than 1%.

I’ve seen an impactful cheater or suspicious player maybe once in 100 games or so. If there were cheaters in literally every game it would be far more obvious. Yes I understand you can cheat intelligently or you can have “good” cheats, but what would be the point of cheating to hang out in my metal ranks? Or cheating in QP to be mediocre?

People cheat to either boost their rank or play “better” than they really are and the distribution of players says that for some reason people are cheating to be exactly what a skill statistic would usually produce, a bunch of people in middle ranks and a few uppers and lowers.

If 25% of the people were cheating there would be quite a noticeable discrepancy.

Now do I KNOW it’s 1%? no. Might be higher than I think, hopefully it’s lower but I know two things:

Cheating is an industry and a consistent war for all online developers.

It exists, it develops as fast if not faster than the games it’s used in, but it’s also a big thing for most developers to fight since it ruins the intended experience (even if that experience is supposed to be manipulative) and drives away customers.

So again… how does ANY of that support the idea that the practically non-existent group of people here saying cheating does not exist (find them for me please) are somehow influencing the developers of this game to not leverage adequate anti-cheat measures?


I think the only people that say Cheating doesn’t exist are Blizzard employees.


right now its not really cheaters anymore.

They made hitboxes about 10 miles wide and even if you are hiding behind the corner. your hitbox is about 6’ OUTSIDE of the wall still.

Basically, they know cheaters exist. and they made aimbots have no value. because people with no aim can still be awarded hits, with poor aim.

Cheats are high class now and almost undetectable. They rarely 100% cheat. Seriously, even Flats talked about this before. Like 1and10 games there’s a cheater in comp. Don’t know about QP

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The cheat devs would just bypass the anti-cheat within a day. There are even cheats on Valorant with kernel anti-cheat so how would blizzard even try to ban the premium/private hacks that’s only available to select few? I saw some methods accessing the memory with an external computer with a DMA card.

And the point of a cheat is to not make it obvious that you are cheating. You wouldn’t even figure out that some one is cheating these days.

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(Imma apologize in advance, this is a long post, even for me. But i want to get into more detail than i normally do on such things. If you dont read it, i dont blame you)

If nothing else I genuinely like your personal take on this. Theres something admirable about someone who thinks 99% of players are honest legit players (regardless of “why” theyre being legit players)

To give yourself an edge over where you normally play, while not getting caught.

Id hope itd be lower as well- But can damn near assure you, unfortunately, it isnt.

So heres the thing, the big thing.

Outside of machine learning based cheat detection, a plethora of modern cheats are completely undetectable (And i mean genuinely, 100% undetectable, can never be caught. at least not with modern cheat detection. No “update” to cheat detection will fix this. More on why in a moment)- And this is the problem.

Theres 2 very big, very common forms of cheating with modern cheats that I think a lot of people dont realize/understand/are familiar with.

The old “Just download some cheats and put them on your computer whee im a haxxor” way of cheating is just that, old. Its much easier to detect, and not really being used as much because of it.

What were seeing a lot today with modern cheats are 2 forms of remote cheats.

1 method has the player basically streaming their computer to a site that houses AI/Machine learning based cheats. These sites watch your stream, and then have remote access to your computer to influence your keyboard / mouse movement. These cheats can only “watch” what is on your computer screen however- and limits their overall ability.

The other, big one, is DMA cheating.

DMA cheating refers to “direct memory access” cheats.

Again for those unfamiliar with all of this: Stored within the actual memory of your computer, is pretty much everything going on in the game at any one point. Even though you cant see them yourself- Your computer has all the hard data for pretty much everything stored in it. Where players are with exact coordinates. What abilities/buttons theyre pressing. Values for everything you can think of- Cooldowns can be calculated, health values, .

Many cheats access the memory, and then use all of this information for a number of things. Having physical coordinates for everyone is what lets the cheats “Draw” an image of the players through walls. Its how the cheats know how to draw a vector line between you, and everyone else, which it can then use to influence your mouse movement and follow that player. Did ana look at you, and then activate sleep dart? This information is stored in the memory- And the cheats can draw a projectile line and figure out if that sleep dart will hit you or not. If it will, it can make some reactions- which can even be custom tuned for specific heroes. Automatically activate deflect on genji. Automatically put up your shield on rein/sigma or use defense matrix, on and on and on.

DMAs are very cheap, very easy to install cards that are essentially “secondary computers” with cheats installed on them. These cards have access to your memory- and have various ways of being implemented to physically cheat at the end.

Some of them simply connect to a secondary monitor and give you “ESP” (To varying degrees. Some will be literal wall hacks. Some will be top down maps showing player locations and maybe some basic information).

Some let you plug the mouse/keyboard into them, so they can use auto aim or other similar features.

But regardless of this: Your physical computer has no access to the information on this card. The DMA merely reading, and then at best outputting video and mouse/keyboard information. There is literally nothing your computer is capable of detecting here.

Because of this, there is literally nothing “anti cheat” can do to detect this (again, outside of machine learning cheat detection that uses AI to physically watch what youre doing). Can be the most updated cheat detection in the world- It can literally know exactly WHAT Cheats to look for- But its completely blind to detect these things, so it never will.

Weve seen the developers acknowledge ban waves multiple times in the past- Quite often these ban waves hit literal hundreds of thousands of players (Last one i recall was late last year, hitting a quarter of a million players).

These are just the kids that get caught.

Most “good” cheats, are not being detected for the reasons explained here.

Its amazingly easy to go online and find countless cheat forums, discords, and youtube channels explicitly for overwatch cheats- and many of these have 10s of thousands of active players.

Take it all with a grain of salt, of course. Im not some doomer that thinks everyone thats killed me is some cheater (quite the opposite. I can genuinely count on on my hands over the last 8 years where ive seen someone i felt was “blatantly” hacking ). But i think “less than 1%” is, at the end of the day- hopeful.

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I have yet to run into someone who looked like they were cheating to me. Better then me, yes, way better then me, yes but not cheating. I have had teammates accuse people of cheating and i then watched the match replay and wouldn’t ya know it putting us silvers against GM player made us way worse then them but they were not cheating. Look if you really truly think people are cheating and you want all of us to go along with you, whenever you have a cheater post the replay code and the name of the cheater and people can watch it for themselves and make a decision but I have seen way to many people cry hacks when the other person is just better then them. Heck back in my younger days I used to get accused of cheating but i was just good (am no longer good, getting old sucks)

I’ve had smurf accounts in almost every QP game tonight throwing. The usually suspect names like “reaper” and “rage” and the other classic smurf names… all with the Overwatch icon, all obviously feeding and playing into hero counters.
Not that anyone “in charge” of this game will ever care. “DefENsE MatRiX” is so awesome.

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