No one asked for cc back



She still can fly away easily.

Its just not as dumb as it used to be thats all.

But still dumb.


Sounds like a win for Reins team as he’s only gonna be mildly inconvenienced. When I get ravenous vortexed (or whatever it’s called) I’m not devasted flipping my table.

Now if you stuck it to Ball or Doom though… :eyes:

let’s just make it so she can only zip and not float. problem solved.


gotta be honest, nothing bothers me more than seeing a 100 sens mercy “playing” the game and the enemy wins because they retain 6 players from ow1

i bet they “ranked up” that way too, and many such cases where it’s only support and not dps/tank matching.

like i legit hate seeing them sweat for a low skill ceiling character that you can play while fully (not partially) inebriated

No one asked for cc back

I did.


I asked for a few DPS interrupts. Once I think. I don’t necessarily need the stun timer. or movement change. But Cass throwing out a “flash bang” that just stops a death blossom in it’s tracks wouldn’t be bad, I mean… even an actual smoke bomb might’ve been good. disrupting visuals for a short duration.

I’m not upset at this though, unless everybody gets a stupid CC again and it becomes Tank pinball again.

“No one asked for cc back”.

Search for “bring back cc” on this forum :

And so on, and that’s just posts with explicit titles, there are a TON of posts that use “bring back CC” as a possible answer to another problem, for example :

A ton of people didn’t want CC back. A ton of other people did want CC back. I think the best conclusion on CC must be this :


I’m not looking for cc at all but several people have asked for it

Since I was quoted, I think I should greatly explain my thoughts and what I meant there and that week of relevant posts.

I think CC as a concept in itself can potentially be enjoyed and not break balance, but Overwatch is an inner-woven system of balance. All the concept balances moving 6v6 into 5v5 felt unfinished and disassociated without thinking on how one affects another. It also brings the issue of “how” something gets replaced. Whether you like CC or not, some characters were extremely integral with CC.

For example, McCree and Mei were at their core CC and needed it. Their CC was taken and substituted with raw damage. However, that is actually extremely lazy. If this game were to take ALL forms of CC, displacement, or anything else and do it in the method of how they handled Orisa’s right-click or McCree grenade then you would only see tech and combos which are nothing more than focusing on the most efficient and quickest way to damage. The more concepts, abilities, and strategies that you remove from this game simplifies it further while also making it harder to balance.

CC, like other changes, is an example of the issue.

When can we be expecting buffs to heroes that are gonna be unplayable due to McCree and Mei

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For the record, I do want some CC back. Some stuns are perfectly fine, and I genuinely think the game would survive if Brig got hers back since it’s already heavily restricted.

1.) She has to be close to you.

2.) Her shield has to be up and not broken.

3.) She’s a melee hero. So her close range game should be powerful.

4.) The ability would have a cooldown.

I don’t think the game would suddenly catch fire if she got her stun bash back.

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Just to be clear, for you two and the others I’ve quoted in my previous post : I just picked the first posts with very explicit titles as proof that people did ask for CC, because I found the idea that “nobody asked for it” very weird. You can obviously justify yourselves if you want to, but you don’t have to.

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the only change mei needs is her end-of-ow1 wall back

the wall is so bad now, it doesnt work on half the surfaces it used to, it has limited range, it sucks


Boy this sure is the truth. Mei is a disaster now.

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What would be better is to not have the slow at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Blame the ball buffs for this happening.

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I did.

You’re right, he was weak for a while, then a tad too strong, and currently pretty mediocre, so I guess that could be considered balanced. Not much reason to pick him tho.

nah we are NOT about to act like his grenade hasn’t been obscenely busted since day one

One ability is not the whole hero. And it’s always been worse than flashbang, and much worse now that he still needs to hit 2 shots as well as the nade, instead of 1. The hero as a whole was not strong at ow2 launch. Not till he got better falloff and other heroes got nerfed.

doesn’t it do like 120/130 damage? on a LOCK ON ability on a cooldown? that alone is enough reason to pick him. it’s obviously not AS egregious as before but it’s still a busted ability that has to go

if they thought a high damage lock on grenade was balanced they’d have used it as tracer’s ultimate