No one asked for cc back

Not your grandmom, not the guy next door nor that fortnite kid

Can you not do these changes to cree and mei

They are literally in their most balanced states ever.

Just leave them alone and focus on actual issues.

Of all the things you could have tinkered with you chose two of the most balanced dps.


Honestly after a few seasons of seeing a certain support flying every where out of reach i miss CC x)

Im a main tank, i would be impacted a lot by cc…but at this point idc.

I was able to endure it in ow1.


cree hasn’t been balanced since OW2 launched with that homing rocket on cooldown so it doesn’t really matter what they do with him at this point


Mercy after recent nerfs is easily shootable


I did.

(20 characters)


I’ve did.

Nessecary evil.


I think my biggest problem with them adding CC back in to characters is the fact that they at the start dissed CC and wanted to remove it and limit to Tanks. But now they have back stepped and are adding it back to characters the suffered from the changes at the beginning of OW

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Except did they remove CC in the first place? They took it away from some (Mei & Mcree) but then gave a whole bunch to the tanks so less removed and more moved. Gutting Mei into pointlessness and giving Mcree a homing tracer bomb.

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The balance of the universe is restored.

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Cc is dumb as it will always affect slow moving heroes than fast ones


PLENTY of people asked for CC back.

Which is why they are making selective CC, where it silences mobility powers.

Try throwing it on Mei / Ana and see how much it effects them.


Try throwing it on rein

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Likely as not, only the slow will take effect, which they are resistant to, so it won’t effect him as much as others. Which is better than an actual stun right?

Only being effected by a slow which he is resistant to, is pretty good for him.


Blizzard has to put in flanker counters, you know, ones which work. So, current nade isn’t going to cut it, which is why there is a new one.

And landing it on Tracer will wreck her, compared to a slow on Rein.

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She still can fly away easily.

Its just not as dumb as it used to be thats all.

But still dumb.


Sounds like a win for Reins team as he’s only gonna be mildly inconvenienced. When I get ravenous vortexed (or whatever it’s called) I’m not devasted flipping my table.

Now if you stuck it to Ball or Doom though… :eyes:

let’s just make it so she can only zip and not float. problem solved.


gotta be honest, nothing bothers me more than seeing a 100 sens mercy “playing” the game and the enemy wins because they retain 6 players from ow1

i bet they “ranked up” that way too, and many such cases where it’s only support and not dps/tank matching.

like i legit hate seeing them sweat for a low skill ceiling character that you can play while fully (not partially) inebriated

No one asked for cc back

I did.


I asked for a few DPS interrupts. Once I think. I don’t necessarily need the stun timer. or movement change. But Cass throwing out a “flash bang” that just stops a death blossom in it’s tracks wouldn’t be bad, I mean… even an actual smoke bomb might’ve been good. disrupting visuals for a short duration.

I’m not upset at this though, unless everybody gets a stupid CC again and it becomes Tank pinball again.

“No one asked for cc back”.

Search for “bring back cc” on this forum :

And so on, and that’s just posts with explicit titles, there are a TON of posts that use “bring back CC” as a possible answer to another problem, for example :

A ton of people didn’t want CC back. A ton of other people did want CC back. I think the best conclusion on CC must be this :


I’m not looking for cc at all but several people have asked for it