No more sound & repeated screen freezes

Hello, recently I started to encounter problems that I had never had before. And these problems happened suddenly, without me touching anything… I don’t know if they come from the background update…

The first problem is the sound. When I launch it, I get the home page. What I don’t have is the sound. Actually, I don’t have the sound in the whole game. I tried to look in my Windows settings, in the sound mixer, but nothing is silent, and even the game.

The second problem is when I’m in part, whether it’s a fast game, customized, or on the training card and it concerns the game itself. Everything appears without a problem, the characters, the weapons, the map. But a few seconds after I started the game, the game starts to freeze. The screen freezes for a few seconds before the game becomes fluid again for 2-3 seconds before the freeze returns. In fact, during the freeze, the game considers the movements or actions I wanted to perform, and once the freeze ends, I may find myself on the other side of the map, at least if I wanted to move my character. At the FPS level, it suddenly drops to 0 fps and then rises smoothly before the next freeze arrives. For latency, it rises within 400 ms and then drops to a normal level, i.e. about 60 ms.

I have only had these problems recently, and I do not see where the source of these problems could come from. Everything was working very well before and for the drivers update, everything has always been up to date. (I have a GeForce 1060 card)

Does anyone have any tracks to fix these problems or their sources?
Thank you very much.

I see that you are using Razer branded devices, sometimes older versions of the Razer Chroma SDK can cause problems with Overwatch.

Well in the past, even if I had Razer devices, the game would still work correctly…
But I finally fixed it. I don’t know how it was linked, but I had to search for errors on my operating system and apparently, my BIOS needed an update, and miracle, the update also fixed the game so now I got sound and I got no more screen freezes.
Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: