No more phone numbers

right… so bizarre!!! :confused:

but what about people who are on phone services like Cricket? will they still be allowed to play or is it gonna be a “just stop being poor” moment from the overwatch team?


if you aren’t a new player, you’re good! u won’t need a phone number regardless of who ur provider is


If you own a account, being that you are already an existing player, you will not need any phone number to play at all!

All new players will need to though.

[Equip: Tinfoil hat]

Guess the DDos attackers left demands…


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sorry i accidentally deleted my post (i dont go on the forums very often lmao) but the people that i know that got this game this year cant attach their phone number to their account nor can they play


im also concerned about new players and how will they play if they use a prepaid services (definitely not concerned about myself)

edit: to jump off what EvilHomer3k posted… this actually goes to show that the phone requirement was never about removing smurfs. my guess is that they want to profit off of our info tied to our numbers.


Except for the smurfs and griefers that were already in overwatch 1. They get free reign once again. This only stops completely new smurfs and griefers. If you are a current smurf/griefer rejoice. You get to go on screwing up other peoples games for as long as you want.


Not really, because to smurf you need to create a new account

Did they play ow1 at all?

wow after getting that message before the game even launched and scaring the crap out of me they decide to remove it…

Well this is great news.

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nope. but now they wont be able to play because theyre poor.

im sensing a class action lawsuit now that theyre actively excluding people who cant afford postpaid services


They should’ve done this from the start for existing accounts to be honest… :slight_smile:

I appreciate they’re keeping the requirement for new accounts as I do think it’ll help reduce (not eliminate) smurfs/toxicity/etc… :slight_smile:

…on what grounds exactly? :thinking:


I’m glad to know the game really launches on October 7th.


how? all old smuirfs can play again now


i think that the phone requirement is a good thing as long as they include all phone services. its straight up discrimination to exclude people who could only afford cricket (for example)
especially in this economy

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Yeah…discrimination is more based on the grounds of race, age, sex, or disability. Requiring a phone number is hardly the grounds for a class action lol… :wink: