No MMR reset for s18 and beta SR counts

Well done Blizzard, you’ve managed to go 2 steps forward and then 2 steps backwards. Not only have you decided to not do a soft mmr reset but you’ve decided to KEEP the information from beta and base that for season 18. I am literally the highest Sr on dps out of the 3 and I can say confidently that dps is my worst role. Fix your game. Season 18 is going to be the worst season yet.


Do they even know what “Testing” means? In PTR theres nothing to “test”. What comes there is 99% goes to live. And the Beta SR whats not even counted as a Competitive mode, its in the name, Beta, counts to the next seasons.


Mmr reset is a bad idea, blizzard adressed why.

You won’t improve with the help of mmr reset. You’ll slowly but surely fall back/climb.

They’re humans, not flawless machines trained to build a flawless system.

Play your “good” roles more and you’ll slowly climb to the “destined” rank. Play your “Bad” role and either improve or drop down to your level.


they use the ptr as a game breaking bug finder so its being utilized at maybe 35%

Source for beta season SR affecting MMR?

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Scott Mercer is my sauce, but I ain’t sharing it because I need to dip these nuggies in the tears of people who treated this season like a joke. :clown_face:


Unbelievable move on their part… unbelievable. For the most part I didn’t trust them and let an account rest after placing because I just had a gut feeling they weren’t telling the entire story…

I also think they screwed around with tuning behind the scenes, yesterday evening had some of the worst uneven games I have seen since 2-2-2 went into effect.

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Really you still trust what they tell you? That’s cute.

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Those people deserve it.

Not taking any kind of comp serious is your own fault.

Nope, that’s because i, myself, believe that it’s a bad idea. Always thought so, always been against it.

Yeah but that is not what you cited, you cited “they told you so”.

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Matchmaking still places us with Alts with their main account being 1000+ SR higher, Smurfs, Diamond-GM derankers so the feeling would be the same. But you gain/lose more SR with fresh MMR so you would find your actual place faster.

yep, cause grindin gmakes you acutally be stuck in rank instead of getting up or down.

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We live in a timeline where we are like " I lost games because I played the new hero " and none of the devs are batting an eye towards the meta tanks.

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Did you read the statement at all? They have made Sr fluctuations in off roles greater to help move players around into the correct spots. An mmr reset helps nobody other than GM and master’s player who get to stomp lower ranks for a month before the system recalibrates.

They also have tested soft mmr resets and said it was an absolute mess.

MMR reset is so big…

No distinction between Hard reset and Soft reset its just a bad idea lol

It’s like you people act that they never informed about it but you still complain about it.

Chill out.
It’s still a new thing and I bet if people & pro’s demand it long enough they’ll gonna do it cause they cant really ignore it after it.

If they really did mmr resets they’d also needed to write new mm rules & such which takes a lot of time to do so just like role que did.

You people except too much.

I also remember making a post in another thread on day 1 of Beta that basically said: “watch s18 SR will pick up where Beta leaves off”

And everyone laughed because they thought I was making a joke…

tbh an MMR reset is worse than finding your sr at this point.

Like consider a full mmr reset, nobody is going to be anywhere near their roles sr anyway. It’ll take multiple months for the system to become stable again.

They already spent two weeks in a beta season to gather data on everyone’s roles. This way we’re already two weeks in to the re-stability of the system.

We’ll get the same result in the end, except how it is now, it will take a lot less time.

Why do people believe Blizzard is actually doing anything?
They just assigned you SR close to the one you had and their “flawless” system will do the rest, thousands of comp games will get wrecked…AND it will take months, maybe even longer.