No faith in SR system

Whats broken is that the system cant tell the difference between a good player intentionally manipulating the game to seal club players and a player who is actually supposed to be in that rank. I cant even tell if the stats that the game tracks in public profile per hero is even remotely accounted for. ie: critical hit accuracy, dmg/10 mins, elims/10 mins, medals, time spent on fire, kdr etc.

Currently playing in “gold” and its so random from 1 game to the next that i cant tell if its even gold anymore. I don’t even think derankers and seal clubbers are taken seriously. oh but, the penalties for being “toxic”…wow pc taken to the ultimate level.

side rant:( you don’t even need to offend anyone to be reported by some players because some players seem to take a kind of sick joy in reporting anyone they play with…must be a new age internet ego thing)

i dont even feel like im improving at the game anymore. It doesn’t matter how much i know: staggering, positioning, game sense…because half the players have the other half muted. bronze isnt a place to learn the game…its a place gms through diamond go to boost their twisted egos. i dont know how any player with bronze gamesense/skill is still playing the game. im at the point where a simple system of flat sr gains and losses at a set amount is the only way to fix the ranked system. parties should be in seperate Q’s, becuase they are abused so badly. a plat/silver party in a gold game… doesnt even out to gold. in fact it promotes an economy based in boosting players and the sale of accounts for “unranked to gm video content”.

tldr: i have zero faith in the SR system. Its being manipulated and abused…i put more faith in penaties to toxicity than in a system designed to make fair games. I dont feel like im getting better at the game (4 yrs)…i feel like im getting worse.,and the incentive to climb? why bother when the gms-diamond…are deranking to rofl stomp less skilled players. are the derankers and seal clubbers effectively admitting that the game is more fun to noob stomp than to competitively pit yourself against a challenging player? maybe higher ranked needs a tournament system and a path to contenders/owl?

edit: personally, i would be fine with +2 sr for a win, -2 sr for a loss, +1 sr for a draw.
pro: deranking becomes extremely tedious and boosting players becomes a waste of time.


100% agree. Elo hell is real and force 50% winrate is real.

After a winning streak, just look at your teammates. Boom five dps pick right at the beginning.

After a losing streak, you can enjoy your pocketing from a very high skill mercy.


The Skill Rating (SR) system is meaningless because of Match Making Rating (MMR), which is a handicapping system.


But a known whitelisted streamer backed by algorithmic nobadpress climbed with a 70% win ratio from plat to GM. That means the system isn’t holding anyone back!

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Yeah that’s what lottery’s tell you as well…some people win…most people lose.


This is where you and many other low elo players have a grave misunderstanding about how ladder works. if you’re a truly good player, you’ll climb to the SR you belong to, no matter what. It’s for the same reason all these pros do unranked to GM accounts and Boosters make a living. No set of algorithms will help you improve your skills, which is all that matters. Worst case if you are cursed, it’s probably a difference of 1 rank.

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You seriously need to take a moment and ask yourself if improving at Overwatch is the best use of your time. By saying “Yes” to this game, you’re saying “no” to everything else, things that will ACTUALLY reward you for your time effort and attention. Things that will move your life forward, and that you’ll have something to show for – in the real world. I realize that most people want to succeed at Overwatch for status (the developers aren’t stupid, they created ranks for a reason: so that you can tie aspects of your identity with your SR/rank, and you’ll have some measure by which to compare yourself [negatively and positively] to others). This is the same pernicious incentive structure that drives people to feel envy or inadequacy when they see someone driving a fancy car or living in a big house.

Look at the hundreds or thousands of hours you’ve put into this game and consider what else you could’ve done with that time, all the other things you’ve could’ve been great at. Things you’d be on your way to mastering. Ask yourself if what you’ve gotten BACK from Overwatch – what it’s given you in return for your time, effort, and frustration – has been rewarding, satisfying, or useful.


What do you mean by “truly” good player? Relatively speaking, do you mean someone who’s in plat who’s actually playing at a diamond level?

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oh im not a guy with the fantasy moist eyes in gold who thinks hes a gm player when hes i in gold. But after 4 years in gold, ill settle for 5 years in plat. but to actually get worse? or rather to find that becuase the gm’s and masters are so bored of their games that they need to smurf in lower ranks to get a rise in confidence completely invalidates the SR system. the SR system is supposed to identify your skill lvl and place you appropriately…the fact that it can’t spot these smurf players…shows that it has failed at the only thing it is required to do.

maybe a drastic rethink needs to be put on competitive requirements:

your IP adress + mac address + phone number need to be linked to 2 active accounts for competitive. you can only have those 2 accounts active per season. if they arnt doing well you can activate a different set of 2 accounts in the next season…but you cant have more than 2 active in any active season.


been compaining to blizz deaf ears about how bad the sr is for years, especially in solo que where people somehow are ranked in your rank but know 0 about the game or have no skill;even worse is the group sr system that lets you group with anyone 1000sr pts away from you so i get bronze in my gold matches all the time. blizz doesn’t listen and they need a new leader for ow b.c its system are straight up trash.I have literally been asking for this fix for four years.When I was in silver i was outplaying plat players but this game is all about wins for skill its horrid. bad players get boosted or carried every hour every day.they will never fix this system b.c well, they are not smart enough it appears. been asking since beta

This is because Blizzard never allows players to sort themselves out according to skill. The matchmaker inflates the SR or bad players and brings better players down by bogging them down with handpicked players that are worse. So good and bad players are always stuck in the same ranks.

Agree 100%. I am currently ranked gold in tank and heals and bronze dps. Once you get down to bronze at this moment in Overwatch, it is nearly impossible to get back out. Matches in gold are 100% easier and better quality matches than those in bronze. I play with a lot of gold dps as a healer/tank, and I KNOW for a fact that I am as good or better a dps in most situations based on game sense, etc. The smurfing and throwing in bronze is absolutely out of control.

I could pull your account out of bronze in under an hour