No Endorsement in Play vs AI or Arcade?

Yup. Arcade is just as serious as QP. Maybe drop the number of endorsements you can give per game in smaller modes like 3v3 if you’re worried about people just farming Endorsements.


It might be under Training but you can make a group for it in the new LFG feature, so it’s save to assume it has “normal” game mode status now.


Blizzard wants to lure players in with promises of “play the game however you like”. We have serious competitive! We have crazy Arcade modes! We have chill vs AI modes! We have awesome seasonal modes!

But in the end, the modes they spend so much time working on like Junkenstein, Uprising and Retribution are all locked behind timewalls, because they’re afraid that if they make these modes permanent additions of the game, a large portion of casual players will prefer them over the “proper” pvp modes.

And they want people to mainly play the pvp modes, because they want people to be serious about being competitive in Overwatch. They want people to play the “proper” modes, so they will more easily transition into viewers for their OWL and maybe even try to become a pro.

The OWL has hundreds of millions of dollars invested in it at this point, and failure for it to grow to the biggest, greatest esport in history (as they envisioned) will not only be a waste of money, but a huge embarrassment and tarnish on Blizzard’s reputation.

So yes, the non QP/Comp modes are ONLY there for the “serious” QP/Comp players to blow off steam after hours of serious matches. Blizzard wants their 40 million players to play Overwatch the “correct” way, so the OW esport will be successful and growing ever larger.


I can understand why endorsements aren’t available in Custom games but I think any Brawl with a rotating/permanent card in Arcade should allow them. Maybe only 1 endorsement per match for Brawls that are smaller than 6v6.

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That might be left over placement code from when playing against AI was under the normal play option. It was later intentionally moved to the training section.

Nope, they flat out said that you can play vs.AI with people if you want, so its intentional.

I don’t know why they didn’t do it for the arcade. It is like the one mode I play. I never touch comp, and quickplay is once a week at best.


This legit sums up pretty well why it would be nice to have in AI. Ty for this


You told me to comment “egg”.


I think Play vs AI is fun because it helps me chill out after playing high 4100 average games all night, its extremely relaxing and helps me calm down since I really need some things to allow me to blow off steam. A lot of people play it because they enjoy the chill nature of it and don’t like PVP situations. All in all its just really relaxing and fun!


endorsements don’t allow negative things. only thing that could happen is someone praising him or someone reporting him if he’s toxic. is he toxic? otherwise i don’t see what you are scared of… but i guess you’re not trying to convince me of anything.

Super bummed you can’t endorse in Mystery Heroes, I just had the most fantastic game in MH where everyone was communicating and /trying/ their best and when I couldn’t endorse anybody at the end it was kind of sad.


I play vs. AI b/c they are better mechanically than real players.


It definitely should be added. Was pretty excited about this.


Seagull was streaming with the dev team just now, and apparently it was designed for ‘more serious’ game modes. Some were borderline yes/no and this is the decision they went with. Might change in the future but no plans right now.
:frowning: FeelsBadMan


Sadly, QP isn’t a serious game mode so their excuse is pretty lame. The only serious games modes are the Competitive ones.

If you’re a player that only plays Mystery Heroes or one of the other arcade modes you will end up looking like a toxic person because your endorsement karma will be non-existent.


True. I play mystery heroes 99% of the time. Also, not to be dramatic but it’s kind of encouraging people who fish for endorsements elsewhere to come to arcade when they don’t want to be decent teammates. To me, that’s a completely separate issue to whether or not arcade is a ‘serious’ game mode. Why not just enable it across the board so people are encouraged to behave properly everywhere?

I understand that some modes just aren’t suitable for it, that’s fine, but I don’t see any reason not to reward good sportsmanship in any mode (aside from customs obviously) where core gameplay mechanics are upheld. Mystery heroes, total mayhem, no limits… there are still people who stand out as good teammates.


On Seagulls stream, two things were mentioned about the endorsements:

  1. Endorsements were mostly meant for more “serious” game modes, and the decision to include them or not include them was done on a case by case basis and could change.

  2. Endorsements will decay if you are level 2 or higher and you don’t receive any endorsements for a certain number of games played. Presumably this means that you can keep your endorsement level even after taking a break from the game.

So what I want to know is, since you cannot earn endorsements in the arcade, will playing arcade game modes count as games towards decaying my endorsement level? Or, does decay only apply to the game modes that endorsements are enabled in (QP and Comp)? This is important because if arcade modes do cause decay, no one with an endorsement level 3+ would dare to play in the arcade.


This is really disappointing to me, too. (So much so that, after playing the game for two years, I finally logged into these boards.) The endorsements are limited to once every 11 hours, so it’s not like they could be abused even in the AI beginner setting. And if it’s true that the developers wanted to keep it to the “serious” versions of the game, that’s just even more of a problem for me. It makes me not want to play this game or buy the usual loot boxes I do since the people who run it are being so condescending to a portion of their playerbase.

I enjoy playing AI because I like the teamwork it provides without the feeling of needing to compete with other humans. I love the game, but I’m kind of bad at it. Playing against the AI is a nice, steady challenge for me where I don’t have to worry about overshooting where I should be ranked and winding up playing with people I have no business sharing a payload with. And the Arcade is a good source of lootboxes and variety – I love Complete Mayhem and the occasional Mystery Hero. (I do miss that randomizer of old, though…)

Just let me play what I want to play, Developers, and don’t amke me feel bad about it. If you include a system in the game, let everyone be eligible for it, especially if you’re going to then link it to their in-game reputations.


Really dumb… i hate playing quick matches or competitive ones… only play mystery heroes and season events