No Audio Bug on PC

When I play on my PC the audio will randomly cut out. Sometimes its for seconds, sometimes its for whole rounds or entire matches. My PC is still outputting audio and my headphones are still set as the primary audio device, and sometimes the audio comes back as I return to the home screen. It isn’t a driver issue, at least I’m 99% sure as I checked literally every driver. Is anyone else having this problem or at least how to fix it?

I don’t have solution, sry. I also have that problem since the Hammond patch was released. One friend told me it can be a sound card that causes problems, but I don’t have this problem in any other game. I updated everything, instaled, reinstalled, bought new headset, changed speakers, I even tried earphones, but nothing. I hope devs will see this.

This is a current known issue with the game client.

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Thank you very much!