No aims assist when playing with pc people

As a person who as always played on control this is the dumbest feature known to man. Not only does this make the game even more unfair but it means I now don’t want to play with any of my pc friends. Completely unnecessary and stupid.


Couldn’t agree more. I play on pc but have played controller my whole life. Not fair to me or my friends on console because we don’t get any aim assist in pc lobbies. Not even in quick play which is frustrating and should be reverted.


What was the point of adding crossplay if this was how they were going to do it? It just seems like they didnt think about the logic of this at all.

Even less sense made with the PVE events or the PVE focus of this game next year. Are the zomnics and null sector bots going to be robbed of their fair chance with my Mouse aim so my friends shouldnt have auto aim?

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I think that the Devs this aim assist is this insanely broken thing like in games like cod, but it just isnt. Controller is still miles behind k&m with aim assist.

I think their worry is loads of pc players will start moaning about how aim assist is broken and ruining their games.

so how does this work when on XBOX and FORCED crossplay is on us. That mean every game will suck more now as no Aim assist if this is case slow clap your about to kill your game