Ngl, comic book tracer is lightning tracer 2.0 imo (Nvm its ok)

It’s best skin tracer best skin baring at Lantic Tracy



I think it’s much cuter. It’s already so much better than Lightning Tracer, because in this one she doesn’t look like Ellen Degeneres.


Its a great looking skin, especially the guns. How can you even compare the 2. Mayhem will be every 4 days again.

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what are you smoking? this isn’t even close to being lightning tracer.

Plus, she has voice lines to match her new sprays


That’s pretty cool. I wish they’d do the same for the other heroes too.


Comic book tracer is tracer’s best skin IMO.

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Copying me Tornado I see.

Unoriginal :roll_eyes:


This is NOWHERE near as bad as Lightning.


It really would suck not being able to sell your account for thousands of dollars because of the cosmetics you have ahem what?


I think it’s a great skin. The hair, the eyebrow, the colors, the skin texture etc.

These threads are pretty pointless tbh because you already acknowledged they put effort in it. What’s left is debating wether it looks nice or not and that is always subjective.

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the only part i dont like is the pants, everything else is pretty cool

Very good Tracer skin if you want to :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:
What’s up with rocking graying hair? It will come soon enough naturally.

how could u even compare the two-

the only bad thing about this skin is her weird, ahego like, pants

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It’s an epic, what do you want?

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Based Tracer, connoisseur of Fakku goods.

I think it’s cute and tbh lightning looks ok in game

No where near as bad as Lightning.

Its pretty cute

The leggings are sick, gun skin is okay coulda been way cooler tho

so why even make this thread? of course no skin is for everybody, for every skin theres a person who loves it and one who hates it. why make threads about it? who gains anything from this?

Not even close to be as nightmarish as lightning. It is ok skin though she looks freaky without goggles.

Ok after some time it grew on me, its no where close to lightning tracer bad, and I like the voiceline changes

Still don’t like the pants