Next Stop: Kanezaka

Next Stop: Kanezaka

Learn about the ins and outs of the newest Overwatch map from four of its creators.

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ok time to learn a map that’s only for FFA…nice


So glad they made this map. I like being able to play these while I wait for my queue to finish

Although the layout really doesn’t flow as well as the previous two FFA maps. Gameplay >Aesthetics!


Can’t wait for the people getting angry at a bot account lmao


im always looking for insight into how the devs themselves are thinking…so i love these…

but i also like these because it hints at potential future stuff (if theyve thought about it then you know theyve probably pitched the idea at least)…in this case its this one…

If you could choose any location for a new Overwatch map, where would it be?

Klafke: KrakĂłw, Poland. This is a city that I visited a few times and fell in love with.

something to look forward to if youre from poland i guess


Actually great map for FFA, FFA is not my cup of tea either, but one more map for the mode doesn’t hurt either.


Really? I actually prefer it A LOT over Petra, and actually even a bit over Guillard


Most of the responses so far are pretty ungrateful. I for one appreciate the new FFA, and love to use it as a chill/relax lobby. I like to teleport behind the tiger club’s bar (I forget the name!) and “serve” the other chillers drinks in custom games :grin:


It’s a fun map, IMO.

hey can you guys nerf echo and zen and revive the tank role this isn’t funny anymore

Well, at least it’s something. Thank you Blizzard (ik you guys dont read these forums).

Look, I am probably the person on the forums who most adores the devopers. I continuously and consistently compliment them, and profess my undying respect and and admiration for Jeff and his team. I love just about every ounce of content the devs put out, and can’t think of any other group of people I would rather have working on the game that I love the most…

That being said, these posts about kanezaka (a free for all map…) when people are so starved for actual content is starting to come across kind of tone deaf. Like, in a vacuum I really appreciate the map, the hard work and love the devopers put into it, and insight posts into how these things are made, but… constantly spamming posts about it when the game is so bone dry (even if understandably so) really probably isn’t the way to go.

Sorry for the harsh criticism. I actually do appreciate the map and think it’s great. It’s just… blizzconline can’t come soon enough, I guess.


Yeah, thanks for the deathmatch map, who cares about a core new map lol?


Hey now wait a minute…

Aren’t you the person that told me a few days ago to not criticize the devs and wait for Blizzcon to come by for some good news?

And now you’re getting impatient? xD

Ok, let me give you back your words:

“I love and respect Mr. Kaplan, and I have confidence that he is doing everything in his power to make us something truly awesome and special. As a community, we have to be willing to give him and his team a bit more time. I know we have already given them more time than we should have been asked for, but we have to consider global circumstances, and try to be understanding.”


30 days till Blizzcon, and I am fully ready to hear them say : " 2022 release for OW2 guys! please bare with us more"

:triumph: :rage:

I like this map a lot! It’s a lot more varied and visually compelling than Petra and da big gray house.


Did you just like… not read my entire post? Im specifically criticizing their emphasis on posting about a FFA deathmatch map. Also, in that post the other day I said I was patient for Overwatch 2 and content in general. I still am. I just am looking forward to getting more information.
On top of that, I think you’re conflating being impatient, with being excited for more news on the sequel.

Not understanding why you’re coming at me so hard, but you need to chill.

Sorry about that lol, I wanted to see how you’d react, you’re a pretty civil person I see.


What are you expecting from Blizzcon next month?

Shut up, lol.
Some people really like FFA, and the Overwatch team should be proud about the stuff they put out, especially with the level of care and polish they have.

Im so tired of these forums being so negative.


Are you kidding? Petra’s flow is awful, it’s way too vertical.

I wish we’d gotten a map for a core game mode (or CTF) but it’s nice to have a new space to play around in. The layout of Kanezaka is chaotic enough to be interesting.

What emphasis? They always do multiple of these posts whenever there’s new maps/challenges/events.

I personally feel like it plays WAYYY better than Petra. I hate Petra