🍻 Next Ptr on the Horizon?

I had start little about qol to her. Look there, and leave some text, I wanna dev seen it.
Sombra qol

Upd. Oh, you were there 8)

Think it would be a waste of time a this point.

Blizz should be focusing on other things anyway.

We can always get a new map later.

Cree and Reaper nerfs that gut the rest of their kit, instead of just reverting their most recent buffs.

honestly think these exist for the next hero… so likely no.

No matter how many complain it’s likely like this for a reason.

I think everyone in the community would appreciate and support a 1-2 patches with nothing but all hero / map bug fixes that have been reported for months

Cough Hero bugs, Cough map bugs


A massive bug fix blitz? I’m in.

Golden glove for Sym :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sob::tired_face:

But then there’s gonna be those whiners on the forums who complain ‘there hasn’t been a map since August!’

Oh screw them. If they did nothing but major bug fix patches, it would improve the quality and consistency of the game tremendously