🍻 Next Ptr on the Horizon?

Welp now waiting on the new ptr to go live.

So while it’s downloading

What do you think will be on the next ptr?

(Think it’s too early for a new hero, likely have time to squeeze in a rework like Hanzo’s Storm Arrows last year.)

Pls something about QoL sombra.


… I don’t know… she actually one of the heroes I am not having trouble with. (Currently)

Had a few good matches last night with her.

Assassinating targets left and right every so often.

(Which is pretty good)

That good for you, happy to see that someone having fun with her :smile:

But I see the problem that she is TOO MUCH communication-dependent. She should have any noticable about her CC ability LIKE ANY OTHER CC ABILITY IN THE GAME. (cough sugar skull cough)

… uh… this was solo Console so I don’t know about that.

Maybe you’re just not using her right.

You likely need to expand your positioning, aim and game sense

Huh? He is describing a fairly universal problem. I personally have an easy time with solo Sombra myself; however, if you want to look up the stats, it is not the norm. And I do not know how often you play her, but if you keep it up at a reasonably high rank (Plat at lowest), your team will definitely let you know that you are throwing regardless of how well you are doing.

Probably something for Doom if his numbers stay the same
Maayyyybe something for sym
My, of course, hope is something positive for mercy, Even just QoL(like that annoying GA bug)

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That’s sounds more a personal opinion thing. Not like actually “unfinished” like cough 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19) cough sorry think I threw up something

No. My entire point was that it is the opposite. Objectively Sombra underperforms on ladder. It is not an opinion whereas Symmetra is. Like it or not Symmetra’s winrate is lit and Sombra’s is bottom. There is literally no debate.

Again, to be clear, I do not personally believe Sombra needs buffs. But statistically, his experience is the norm and I do not know what rank you play at, but if it was high, you would not be able to play her like an assassin. So… well, yeah, as he said, good foe you.

24 new OWL skins? I dunno.

… you lost me. Jess… again

Well the previous PTR just had OWL skins, so I guess maybe the next one has a bunch of ‘premium’ ones for the new season.

This is OW now, all about the OWL. Are there any changes pros are crying for?

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Oh… I think I covered that a few days ago.

OW World Cup was speculated to be canceled

Oh okay, it’ll just be more random Brig nerfs then.


… I mean you likely not wrong… even though I don’t want you to be

Sym buffs hopefully. But who am I kidding. :laughing:

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I’m hoping for bug fixes. A lot of bug fixes.

  • New map (probably 2cp)
  • Some sort of buff to hero whose pickrate is below 1%
  • New QoL/Social features

New map
Reaper gets another 10% healing
Tracer doesn’t get changed
They nerf Brig and Doomfist again

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Hoping for a sustain buff to Symmetra and a buff to Orisa to make herself more tanky and give some competition to Rein. Sombra I think needs some power taken out of hack and more damage to compensate. Torb could also use some buffs.