Next hero being hunted/nerfed?

Can’t be Tracer. The balancing model is “Tracer doesn’t lose”.

The question wasn’t: “Who will be nerfed next”.
The question was: “Who will be hunted next”.

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It means if Brig is needed a teammate who can shoot once on a stunned target, Tracer is still dead.

So Hanzo or Moira???

Honestly might return back to Tracer, Tracer was screamed about wildly and often until Brigitte showed up to the forums.

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Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

He has knock backs that effect air control, he’s on the radar.

Won’t be Moira. Especially if tank heavy comps aren’t run as much.

Won’t be Hanzo–still too inconsistent in pro scene. Was only played for broken gravdragons (for slow but guaranteed attack pushes).

Tracer might get nerfed as Brig is brought down, but atm Brig still gives the team armour so I don’t see it happening soon.

One guess could be nano+blade as a whole getting nerfed to provide for more counter play than just “hit the sleep dart or trance 4Head”. (Though if it does hopefully will be done in a way that keeps the overall power level of Genji/Ana similar.)

Quick edit: another candidate (which is kinda obvious, am tired atm) is D.Va’s defence matrix… but so far I haven’t seen any consensus on how to change it from the pros… have seen the minor nerf suggested (with some consensus) to make matrix cancel firing rockets so the D.Va can’t shoot while deleting the enemy’s ability to fire back. (Should probably tack on the obligatory: matrix is only kinda broken for the pro level, yes it is OK for the 90%…)

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My bets are on Ana, Sombra and Roadhog

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I have, probably more than Widowmaker is OP threads, and I mean just since they killed him.

Time to start hunting Bob.

Sombra hasn’t been changed, so I don’t see why she’d be next.

And they better not come after Roadhog after he just got buffed and seems to be viable, but still countered as efficiently. >:(

I will defend puggy piggy. I swear to gawd.

Moira. Tracer beats Hanzo.

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Good points there :+1:

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My guess would be Hog. After his recent buffs he can reliably kill targets again. Only now he has more sustain than before. He wont be meta with how vulnerable he is to ranged damage and the strength of close range DPS. Still, the hook combo is all the community needs to rant and scream that he’s OP.

If not Hog I’d say Moira. There’s been consistent complaints about her since launch. With her being only 1 of 2 main healers she’ll see even more play. The only reason I think Moira will get the axe over Ana is because she is more DPS orientated. Sure, Ana enables some annoying stuff but getting wrecked by a support solo seems like a bigger reason the community would want her nerfed.

It will be Reinhardt. He will get a gimped form of stun immunity with the Brigitte nerf which will put Orisa into f tier, and then after his nerf Winston will be meta again.

The circle of life.

Ana needs it. She doesn’t take half as much “skill” as you guys let on, and her kit is way too strong.

Let’s forget everyone, the fact that Ana was useless garbage before Mercy was nerfed.

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I wonder if Blizzard will look into mobility abilities like they’re doing it right now with CC abilities.


Echo obviously. She will be hated and called for a nerf before she even releases on the ptr.

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