Next hero being hunted/nerfed?


Brigitte is getting all the hate. After she becomes weak who will the forums hunt?

My bets go to Moira because “she can 1v1 flankers” and her “self healing is too OP”.

If it’s not Moira then it will be Hanzo or Tracer

EDIT: As a clarification (since some people didn’t get my question), imagine Brigitte isn’t in the game. Who would the Forumers hunt?


Brigitte was overpowered. Stop whining.


She was annoying but definitely not overpowered my guy.



I feel sorry that they’re probably gonna come after Ana next.



I don’t think they can.


I’m guessing Tracer.

Now that Brigitte has been made weaker and with the chance of getting Dive meta back, is it possible that Tracer could be the next target.

(Dva is also always a popular target.)


Roadhog is next.
Ashe dynamite after.
I’m not sure who is next but my take is that it will go back to Pharah again.


I don’t know how or why but my money’s on Junkrat. Everybody always complains if anything good comes Rat’s way.


I am not saying PTR Brigitte is weak. But after they nerf her more than what we have on PTR until she is weak who do you think people will hunt down next


I bet it’s gonna be sombra again.


They might not need to.

Part of what was propping up Ana was that Tracers basically didn’t exist.


I think you read the post wrong


Probably Sombra, then either Ana or Moira, followed by the other one not chosen first between them.


Maybe Widowmaker and Hanzo too.


From the looks of it it seems that the forums are hunting down Tracer


They’re going hard after CC, so expect Sombra next.


They wont nerf Tracer, shes the face of OW and too many people play Tracer. OW is balance around Tracer. That is a known fact.


I’m confused. because according to the people who support this nerf, Tracer is still going to be countered. I guess she’s not now? Lol.


Well, nothings happened so far to him. No dev comment, no PTR change…I haven’t seen a single Junkrat complaint thread since his projectile size nerf.


Can’t be Tracer. The balancing model is “Tracer doesn’t lose”.