Newer AMD drivers and RX 5700 XT Crashes

I had uninstalled the drivers (this time using the AMD Cleanup Utility) and installed the newest drivers afterwards by using the device manager instead of using the Adrenaline setup. Now the instant restarts are back directly once I start AC Odyssey. The random Hunt Showdown crashes are back too.

Now I lost my trail which leaves me completely frustrated. I guess I am going to send it back and try a new one. If that does not solve the problems, I will switch to nvidia and never go back to AMD graphics again.

Present day, what are the best and stable AMD 5700 XT drivers for Overwatch? Some earlier posts from June mentioned that 20.5.1 and 22.4.2 were unstable. Interestingly, AMD’s 20.4.2 release notes explicitly list fixing Overwatch crashes.

Both Nicole and Syverus’s posts about Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Hunt: Showdown are interesting. It seems like the common link is the Adrenalin software, which was launched in January 2020, and explains why drivers up until Dec 2019 worked fine.