Newer AMD drivers and RX 5700 XT Crashes

Driver released yesterday(20.4.1) still crashs.

20.4.1 crashed in the menu for me as well. All ver 20 drivers do. 19’s are fine. I really want to use the new versions as everything looks that much better.

UPDATE: still on 20.3.1 and the game crashes occasionally, about once every other 3-5 hour session. It’s triggered by the same things as before: viewing highlight menu or whilst leaving or entering a game.

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I have the same problem, actually I dnnt play overwatch but warzone, and i do 2 thing and manage to play all night without crash
Clean driver with DDU and install 19.12.1
Go in the bios and change CPI_e from auto ( can be 4 for you maybe) to 3
I hope that’s can help you with overwatch and I hope i never crash again
( sorry for my english, tell me if you need me to rephrase)

New 5700 xt, brand new 750w psu and crashes on whatever driver I try, with or without Adrenaline Software installed.

Still doesnt work. It runs so smooth until match is over. Match Over = Game crash.
Until today neither AMD or Blizzard released a statement about this.
At least try giving an explanation

Yes my crash come back to, then i up the power limit to +50% ( the maximum) in the Amd Wattman section and that’s work fine for 2 days now

Seems this card just need more power
As it’s work fine now i dnnt try this with newest driver, let me now if it’s work for you

Thank you for sharing the information, Astharothee! We’ve added this to our tracking.

Is anyone else having success with increasing the power limit under the AMD Wattman settings?

This may have been a one-off situation, but we have seen one report where deleting or moving the saved Highlights helped alleviate the issue temporarily. It’s not ideal, but may be something worth trying if none of the suggestions above or with the wattman settings helps the crashing issue.

Thank you for the continued reports! While we may not have an update to share every time, this issue hasn’t been forgotten about. We’re monitoring for new reports and issues on our end continuously :slight_smile:

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For me that didnt work sadly. I am not sure if i was able to play more games or not. At the end it still crashed. After 3 Games but still crashed.

So wait i read it somewhere and tried it. I was able to recreate the crash at will.
I can have about 504 mb of highlights maybe more. But well i just put my highlights somewhere else and boom it works.

I did recreate the crash just by going in and out of the highlight section.
I could even put in more highlights in the folder while the game was running and made it crash. I put the highlights away again and well no crash what so ever.

I havent tried playing games because of time but at least i tried it 6 times and constantly could recreate the crash.

BLZOWCLI0000004 something

I didnt explain well but i tried xd

I just played so many games in a row since a long time really happy.

PS: Adrenalin 20.2.2

And my tip just dont have any highlights in your folder. My game crashed immediatly with just three or so in it.

No more crashes

okay google highlights crash game overwatch and there is already a solution

Hi All

I had nothing but problems with my new 5700 xt crashing after 2-3 games on Overwatch, I changed it for a different mdoel and same issues, then I read somewhere that if you disable Windows fast startup then it fixes crashes.

Was a bit sceptical at first but tried it and it has worked, don’t know why. Am currently running the up to date drivers and version of Adrenaline with no issues, you might want to see if it works for you.

Open settings on your Windows 10 PC.
Under the System Window, click on ‘Power & Sleep’ .
Click on ‘Additional Power Settings’.
Click on ‘Choose what the power buttons do’, you will see a checkbox under the shutdown settings with text as ‘Turn on Fast Startup (recommended).
Check this to turn it off.
Restart PC.

Good luck

win10-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-edition-20.4.2-apr23 released today. So far I have been unable to manually force nor experience a crash. Usually opening the highlight menu a few times was enough and it would crash between games several times an hour.

So far no crashes. Opening the highlight menu is both chunky and framey but no crashes. Loading the main menu from completing a game is also a bit framey.

Cautiously optimistic. Would like it to be smooth and not choppy; but its just the main menu so whatever and no crashes is the goal here.

Latest Andrenalin 20.4.2 did not work for me.

My solution was like this:
I uninstalled Andrenalin with DDU. Then I installed Andrenalin 20.2.2, updated BIOS, chipset drivers and reinstalled overwatch.

(I also randomly turned off the fast startup as someone recommended earlier.)

Will update if anything breaks.

New Build. 3700X, ROG STRIX 570-E, GIGABYTE RX 5700XT, 16 Gskill, nothing overclocked. Same problem.

What seemed to work was to go to the adrenaline SW and then tunning and then max out the fans. Annoying af but much more stable.

Removed adrenaline sw and went 24.4.2 drivers only. Still locks and is delicate.
Might try 20.2.2 and disable fast boot.

Thought I’d return to OW with some friends, got them all to buy the game and join in.

I can’t complete a round, sometimes not even half. This is unreal how this is happening, had 0 issues with my 1080Ti.

Currently have a Radeon Vii and no matter what settings, or drivers it seems, actually lets me play a full round.

Currently on 20.4.2 driver, looking at these comments, doesn’t seem like any driver works post Overwatch update in Feb.

I couln’t play without crashes for like 3 months or so. Tryed out mostly all the stuff above in this thread. Even with newest driver (20.5.1) still crashed. But yesterday it stopped and even so I still don’t fully trust it I think it is fixed for me. I can’t say what it was at the end since I changed multiple things at once.
I did:

  • newest Windows Update (+ newest AMD-Driver 20.5.1)
  • in Radeon-Software Tuning-Customization for OW switched of manuel tuning and maxed out the power limit
  • adjusted all OW ingame graphic settigs to the one suggested by Radeon software (biggest change was reducing render-scaling to 100%)
    Hope it helps somebody and good luck to you all still having crashes I feel your pain.

I found setting a “Game Profile” for Overwatch and having the game use stock/automatic settings and no manual tuning has helped with the crashes for now.

I do play many Blizzard games but no Overwatch. Still, in other games, I experience similar issues. As a matter of fact, many people have problems with the 5700 XT in several games which I noticed during my investigations on how to fix my issues.

I have had bluescreens caused by TDR_TIMEOUT, VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR or DEVICE_HUNG which I managed to fix but now I experience sudden restarts which I have not been able to fix so far.

I have tried all the solutions I could find which are plenty but with no success. As far as I have nailed down the issue, in my case, it seems to be the Adrenaline software itself. Once I uninstalled it (which does not remove the drivers), the restart problems are gone. However, The GPU now seems to do what it wants which results in fps drops, stuttering and so on. This renders gaming impossible too.

If you are interested in a detailed explanation of my problem and what I tried to solve it (maybe it works for you), you can google " RX 5700XT crashing on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey". You will find a thread inside the AMD community forum where I commented (I cannot link anything here).
In case you are very fast and cannot see my comment: As I write this comment, my comment in the AMD community forum I just linked is still being “moderated”.

Some comments on Reddit suggested this could be related to RAM and CPU overclocks not working correctly with the Adrenaline software.