New York Excelsior vs. Florida Mayhem - FINAL

I really feel like Blizzard needs to stop the “minimum draw” rule and just give both teams 1 minute on their time banks. This situation just feels too damn awkward.

Dang Hotba, that flank was nasty

i do like the 2 min change they announced this week though

What two-minute change?

After Map 2


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this one

The one in 2CP, if both teams cap with more than 2 minutes remaining both teams will have their time bank reduced until the one with less time has 2 minutes on the bank. It’s on PTR.

Edit: It’s on Assault, Hybrid and Payload.

that says payload and hybrid as well…

Oh, I thought it was 2CP only. Nice.

yeah a lot of people made it sound that way as well…the community has a tendency to focus on 2cp :rofl:

How the hell did I miss reading that in the patch notes… guess I was too focused on the hero changes.

wait a sec…

did I just inform Wyoming of something…

im screenshotting this :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not perfect… still I am going to want to run some Competitive scrims on the PTR and see how this plays out.

it was just nice to have the tables turned for once…we all love what you do here

we would also all love to see a reverse sweep right??

(high hopes?)

This change helps 2CP not to be this infinite game that ends like 8-7… What I don’t like about 2CP is how you need a very clean teamfight win to even star getting a tick. Depending of the timing of the fights, the team that loses more teamfights might even win or at least be at an advantage in the following round, which I find very unfair.

The only way I think that could be helped is by revaluting the defense spawn rooms and try to get about 10 to 20 meters added from the walking distance from the spawn point to the objective area.

Right now most Assault point B spawn rooms have the heroes respawning practically in the back of the room so it would require a minor map redesign of those spawn rooms to get them back any further.

hell not just spawn room distance…i wish they addressed map size in general on some of these maps…

paris in particular

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The biggest problem with Paris is the lack of high ground options. There is no distinguishable position options for either team to dictate how a team fight starts.

Horizon Lunar Colony has a lot of great high ground options on both points and with the 2018 map redesign, there is a fair amount of natural cover for both teams (defense had less natural cover before).

Temple of Anubis is probably the most balanced of the Assault Maps, because the high ground is actually the main lane, while the flanking routes are risky because you are in trouble if you are discovered but rewarding if you can use them successfully.

Hanamura again, has great high ground options that is important to control first if you hope to make a move on the point. (Always take control of that top left balcony.)

Volskaya tends to be the SURPRISE! Assault map. I lost count how many times I get away with this murder (see video below). It is balanced because it is very difficult for the defense to reenter the objective area if they lose control of it.

im not liking the reverse sweep chances here :sweat_smile:

cant disagree…but i think paris has the added negative of being so long in between points A and B that losing anyone almost guarantees the fight is over because it takes an age to get back from spawn (def A and att B)…like you might consider 5v6 on other maps…on paris its pretty much futility

also who the hell is that hero youre using there…im checking the game logs…he doesnt exist